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Photoshop realism tutorial

basics of ONE way to do it.
u can always put more details, i just got lazy and quit...

final product of this tutorial [link]

general PS painting tutorial:

Photo realism WIP: [link]

PS semi-realism hair tutorial: [link]
p.s. if you found this useful and pressed download please fav it too so u can share this w/ others. thank you.
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Wow, at the end I wondered which one's the photo and which the drawing lol
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Thank you! You flatter me. :)
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Very helpful, and it'll be a great use to me as soon as I get a working drawing tablet :D
CodenameParanormal's avatar
Glad it'd be of any use. It's a rather old tutorial, if you have questions feel free to ask. :)
DeannaPhantom13's avatar
Thanks, and I certainly will if I ever do ;)
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thank you for sharing!
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this is very helpful thanks :P, good knows my photoshop skills leave much to be desired
Kishex-Nevarx's avatar
THANK YOUUU I need something like this. I suck at realism. Seriously, go look at my gallery. :P
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I'll try this later. Drawing in photoshop has been a disappointing for me, so I'm pretty open to suggestions. Well, expect for "Get an art tablet," because I already know about that.
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wow!!...i like it^^,
ashlenamrita's avatar
Who is being used as the reference?
CodenameParanormal's avatar
Guitarist Kaoru from band Dir en Grey.
ashlenamrita's avatar
Ooh Dir en Grey is a sexy band ;p
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This is a really cool tutorial! :heart: ;w;

Umm.. but how did you do the hair detail exactly?
(like the light and dark colors

Thank you so much!! <333 ^^
CodenameParanormal's avatar
use a basic color, usually a darker shade for the background of the hair, then gradually highlight it with lighter colors with a thinner brush, blur the highlights so it blends. then add one more layer lighter high lights without bluring until it looks satisfactory. :) hope it helped.
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Is there a specific way to get this effect without a tablet?
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Well, I doubt you can get far without a tablet, it is drawing after all. Though I have seen some amazing works done by just mouse (with dots and blocks of colors)... You do need a tablet for detail works. :)
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Well, I guess. It's really just with detailing hair and patterning clothes that I'm having so much trouble with the the mouse. I've actually been looking for a tablet... or a tutorial that shows some good mouse techniques. Thanks for the tutorial.
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I know that this reply is SO late. but, I know you can get the same effect with a mouse, it just will take you 889468923149236x as long.
If you look at [link] it was donw with a mouse, and look at how dandy that is.
Fayari's avatar
The hair, I mean.
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