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:megaphone:  Mark your calendars for April 7th!

When the clock strikes midnight in the wee early hours of April 7th Pacific time, we’ll be launching a truly devious deal that you’ll want to be a part of.

Real-life llamas for all to ride?  The very first deviantMEET in outer space?  Free pie?  Who knows?!  Leave your guess as a comment to this journal.  We’ll pick the most creative and inventive answer each day, for the next 7 days, to win a ‘Til Hell Freezes Over Premium Membership.* Then, on April 2nd, we'll reveal the devious deal to one and all! 

*One ‘Til Hell Freezes Over Premium Membership selection and giveaway per day. No purchase necessary for ‘Til Hell Freezes Over Premium Membership.

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my birthday is on 7th april cool
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Sweet offer! I hope there are more like these in the future!
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Why haven't any winners been announced yet?
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I posted what the winning comments were here:…
But I'm not sure why DA is being so secretive about the winners so I haven't posted who they are...
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A dream you had since you drew your first drawing and that you you* gets teary eyed * you heald on to till now and that you will always love from a simple Orange and yellow tabby with blue eyes to meeting the under taker ( for wrestling fans go wwe ) and that a sweet note saying " Thanks for being a part of deviantart. You're a great person." *starts crying* I'm sorry this is just my dream for the cat for my warrior cat oc and name it Phoenix feathers and if you can please make this true.
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Sarah Palin is going to storm the set of Larry King Live and explode!
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A hell freezing device!
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llama men will ride into battle to fight for DeveiantArtAria, a magical land where creativity flows from the air. FIGHT, FOR DEVIANTART!
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The day the Science boffins pieced together all the genetic slop they had garnered from the dinosaurs, mixed it all up with some of our contemporary and started growing our wildest imaginations.Before long the richer 3 % were ordering custom pets ,Griffins ,Dragons Yeti's ,Unicorns and so much more whilst the rest of us got what we could, by trading off some of our genetic material ,to make our dreams flesh that were not only truly ours but on a deep level genetically part of our  family
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So what are we looking at?
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Pigs to ride into battle
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What do they ride into battle on? Horses?
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Nope nope nope people riding pigs into battle

they're quite fierce you know
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A dragon and a mermaid that you can mate to produce merdragons.  
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A lifetime free ride on a Unicorn Llama that poops sparkles and speaks with the voice of Boney M and loves having rainbow flavoured pizzas and auto-refuelable pints of hoppy beer with you while watching endless seasons of GoT on a giant screen where you can punch Joffrey in the face everytime he appears. 
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DeviantArt meeting at the special artist secret headquarters located somewhere in the creativity canyon probably between imagination rock and brokeandbarelybreathing road.  Everyone that attends gets a llama plushy that turns into a real llama (just add water and a sprinkle of love then ride off into the sunset with all you recently acquired merch).

Artists will be able to showcase their best work in a gallery and there will even be out loud story times scheduled for those who follow the path of the written word. Voting to see who will be asked to read the stories out loud will be held two months prior to set meet date. Anyone can send in an audio tape to audition for this, so voice actors rejoice! and of course we'll try to get Morgan Freeman to read something too (because he's awesome). 

Cosplay is encouraged but not necessary, although i suggest you do as i will and take this opportunity to dress as you really want to dress (not necessarily a character) for i will be going as a pirate with a cloak, or perhaps a knight with a cloak, i'm not sure i just really want a cloak.

This message will self destruct in..... a while.
a giant lamja that covores the contory lama (on a map lol).
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Muffin' button
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a tour of HQ's super top secret dinosaur park
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Will the prize be to allow us to change our username WITHOUT upgrading to Premium Membership?
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Go away......
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