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Here are some of the best selling Prints of 2012. Congrats to all of the amazing artists. 

CAPTAIN'S MUG by alexiuss
Captain's Mug

lines hold the memories

All of Time and Space

The Neverending Dreamer

Scorched earth

Freedom- The Carousel 

Memory Lane


Protect me from what I want

Bat Kid

As an added bonus here are some amazing Prints sellers who are on the rise.

Call of Cthulhu Arkham horror

Defend Equality-free your mind

Kraken Come

The 4 Elements - Fire

Moth 2
by MidnightDraven

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I bought 3 of these :D 
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Congratulations to all! I wish some were of photography as well
bottled-mermaid's avatar
awesome pieces! Congratulations to the artists who created them.
I'm dreaming about buying some dA prints in the future :)
amaranthine-eternity's avatar
Amazing pictures like this are the reason I joined this site.
Zlomorda's avatar
It's only digital art... no photography... :(
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i think it is great to display some of the best art and prints DA has to offer.

To all of those who think that they should be promoting unheard prints, I think that is just jealousy speaking. I mean, WHO bought all of those prints to make those prints featured in this journal? Obviously a large portion of the DA community. And guess what, the same people are featured in the journal, the same people who work JUST as hard as you do.

So for the few who are complaining, stop it. It is like you are saying their art is less art because it is popular. You might not mean that, but when all I read is "bitch bitch bitch", that is exactly what it sounds like. This isn't top 40 radio, this is deviant art, and I respect deviantart's decisions.
Sarky-Sparky's avatar
They're all gorgeous works. Not to be a bitch though, but isn't the one of the Tardis fan art (which you can't sell according to policy) that's been deliberately categorised as not fan art so it can be sold?
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Speaking about the All of Time and Space by `alicexz print specifically, the police call box was chosen for the show Doctor Who because it was such a common place object when that show was created. [link]

While this image is directly inspired by that show, it still is of a technically common place object.

Looking at my Blu-ray collection I see Indiana Jones. If this were a picture of a brown fedora and a whip, it would still simply be a fedora and a whip. While it may bring up images specifically of Indiana Jones in your mind, a fedora and a whip together does not infringe on Indiana Jones copyrights.

Copyright/trademark law is incredibly complex. If it invokes a feeling of, or if it references in some fashion, it still could potentially be OK. I have spent some time studying it so I have enough knowledge to answer your concern with enough certainty, but I know others may be able to explain it in a more technical manner. =p

I hope I was able to help you with this question. :)
Sarky-Sparky's avatar
I see, I see. Good point... And thank you very much for your polite explanation; I appreciate that.

It still feels like twisting the rules to me though given that she said herself it was a Tardis made out of stars and it has been submitted to a Doctor Who fan group. That's really stretching it. I suppose a more direct example would be the one =Diamond4girl reminded me of, which was the BBC Sherlock one that was a best seller last year (and interestingly enough has had ALL references to the show removed from the deviation description since). That's a very interesting and specific loophole.

But still, you've answered my question and given me some insight. Thanks :)
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For this Tardis I can turn a blind eye on, as your explanation can be accepted since this one is a bit tricky, but many, many are supposed to be an instant no and yet they've been selling for years. There's absolutely no valid excuse for the Sherlock one, no matter how artistically, differently, in their own unique style someone presents it. I like Alice's work very much and wish her the best with earning with her (fan)art, but her and many others here are example and proof how dA is profiting from fanart prints and these artists are too, while we, the rest of the community are told fanart can't be sold as prints plus that extra explanation of why we might see fanart print and how it will be rejected which is a lie as there are many that were never rejected and are selling, some of them are best sellers. I, personally, simply want fair and equal treatment with the rest of deviants and not that some of them have a special privilege to sell and profit from their fanart because dA lets them and I and others can't - that's not fair is it?, stop being lied to when reality presents me with facts and proofs that things are not the way dA wants us believe and that's it.
WickedIllusionArt's avatar
I'd be interested to hear what explanation you have for best selling print of, now when you're mentioning her, lets say her BBC Sherlock fanart, a digital painting that is using copyrigter material, screencap(s)as ref and is showing actor Benedict Cumberbatch in character as Sherlock Holmes. That is all clearly against dA's rules, but yet the print is not only being sold, but is also a best seller.
WickedIllusionArt's avatar
FYI, last year a beautiful BBC Sherlock fanart was one the best sellers too. That raises a few questions, because we now even have a proof, one of them being: what's the point of NO Fanart Prints policy when it's obviously not being followed/selectively followed by the site itself and there are proofs of fanart prints being sold?

From FAQ #743: "You may be seeing Fan Art available as prints that are clearly violations. Please note that images submitted through standard print accounts are not checked by our quality control staff until someone orders the print. At this time, the images that violate the prints guidelines (found in the FAQ) will be rejected." Yeah, we see how they are rejected, dozens and dozens of them I've seen definitely being sold for years. :rofl:

Fanart does not stop being fanart when miscategorized to enable Prints. (+ many of them give hints it's a fanart from their title, the description and the work itself, for those who can recognize what it is, so there is no "we didn't know/overlooked it" that can used as excuse)

I love and need dA more than I can describe, but this been bugging me for years, it just isn't right. If policy isn't followed by many artists because the don't know it/don't care/are just using the opportunity because they can (they just want to earn some money with their art), the site at least should and not allow selected (big) number of fanart and celebrity Prints which are definitely being sold because that is not fair to the rest of the community, among other reasons. What just wrote might cost me a ban after 6 years of being here if someone doesn't like me "exposing" dA, but this had to go out. It would be wonderful to get some long awaited explanations and acceptable excuses for this, or even better: let us all sell fanart!:D But that will never happen.

Btw, congrats Best Sellers! Gorgeous works and well deserved! :clap:
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Dude, and all this time I've been ignoring fan art prints thinking, "Oh, they'll catch that." Now I have to report those too? Dude, its not worth it anymore. :iconotlplz: Why have rules when they can't keep up with it themselves?
auxeru's avatar
It's not that they can't keep up. After all it wouldn't be a difficult task to crack down on that alicexz girl but instead admins would rather play favorites. The Fan Art rule DA has must be a complete sham when $taff knowingly turn a blind eye to one of their own Volunteer offenders. It's illegal but they clearly don't care or maybe they think we're all too stupid to notice how bogus their policy is. :grump:
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Great! :thumbsup:
I think it would be cool if we could see print sale statistics. :) Maybe not on individual deviations, but just a general area to go (like the +today) page, where there would be statistics based on print sales. :D
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Whoa. Just amazing works here.
Thanks for sharing this interesting list! :la:
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ohh god its so amazing! :wow:

i hope be like u next! :hug:
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CONGRATS to Them All :thumbsup:
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Indeed a BIG applause for those Creative artists of BEST SELLER Art CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL :clap: :iconthumbsupplz:
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Bunch of wow's lol.
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They're Awesome works of art !!!
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