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I am really impressed by all of your art. :D I've been a pixel artist for quite a while, but I've never seen anything as mind blowing as those 360% sprites you have! Those are really cool! I would really like to make a 3D games that had those in there. A sort of minimalistic game, where all the art is a 3D representation of 2D objects. Think Wolfenstien, but better! XD Haha that would be sweet! 
Looking for a graphic designer for a small start up video game company.

We need seven images total. (Some will have sub images)

A lot of detail and shading is cool but not necessary, think Super Mario Brothers.

I would like to start with a sample of the sheriff as he's the most important.

An average Joe human drawn with a sheriffs uniform. Three images (walking) with a hat.

Looking for someone who can have this sample sheriff done within an hour or two.

If you're able to complete this in the allotted time and my associates and I like the drawing you will get the job and possibly a spot in our company.

Please e-mail us your sample drawing.

Here's the plot.

Zombie King 
It's nighttime. A guy from a town in the middle of nowhere gets infected by a zombie.

The zombie breaks into the sheriffs office kills the sheriff and kidnaps his daughter.

The sheriffs dying wish is for the deputy to take his badge become the new sheriff save his daughter and rid the town of the zombie.

Also for example, here is one of the beta games we created. As you can see we used graphics very similar to older game styles and as you can see it had 17k video view and that was just in 2 weeks. We need to move to a more unique graphic concept for legal reasons but the potential for the games success exists.…

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i guess he is dead man TqT
Hey, would you mind if I used parts of your lego sprite collection to make some smilies for my forum? ... It's non-commercial and it will only be using the ferangi forhead to put onto a basic smiley face and stuff like that.

Thanks in advance,
Hey CodeGeorge! I'm creating a game in flash which will also be ported to Android and possibly iPhone and the Xbox 360 Arcade in the long run if it really picks up progress. I need a graphics artist to create sprites including characters, scenery, etc. I'd have to start off low budget, but I'm happy to pay you for your work. Let me know what you think, my email is Thanks!