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Excuse me, I try to get my deviant off the cosplay, could you removed it for me plz?
Well i Started Watchig Code Geass in 2019 I Watched R1 ad R1 Akito the Exiled Oz the Reflection Lost Colors the Recap Movies the Added Scenes(Best Parts Black Knights Didnt Want to Betray Zero and Shirley Lives) and Watched Resurrection and i have to Say its Awesome.
Very nice. I definitely enjoyed adaptations of Code Geass' story, where Zero and the Black Knights are friends, and that Shirley and Rolo lived, myself.
Me too in a Good Ways.
Why is there non-Code Geass softcore porn in this group now?  I don't mind if it is related to Code Geass and is relevant, what I do mind is seeing non-Code Geass "art" in this group. 
Please delete/moderate the non-Code Geass images out of this group since it is clearly spam.
Thank you.