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Grovyles Frozen Present (outlined)

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Major 2 for Visual Arts - Art (2015)

Snippet from my practitioners statement
"Through my experience of playing through the game Pokemon Mystery: Explorers of Darkness
I found a part of the game story that caught my interest. This being where the main characters
get pulled into the future where all time and objects are frozen, the world ends up being broken
and almost all of the landscape appears gray. I thought of connecting the character (Grovyle) that
was trying to change this future with what his life was like in it with what was shown in the game.
The main features that I got from in game is Temporal Tower where Primal Dialga the corrupt legendary
Pokémon of Time lives, a tree from Dusk Forest, inspiration from the sky works in game and landscape work."
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Truly awesome, you don't see much of the resulting landscape in the game aside from pictures^^