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VISTA XP DELUXE for Iconpackager

Full Preview at my Blog >> [link]

This set contains over 180 carefully assembled Icons from diverse Vista versions and packs.
I thank all the people who have extracted icons from these releases and i hope everyone can enjoy this exclusive pack.

I dare to say that this is the best Vista Icon Pack because:

- I have created it with a complete and balanced style in mind

- I have covered nearly ALL filetypes including special ones like (.ace .bin. cue...)

- I have compressed every icon 16px 32px and 48px format, so this pack is lightning fast!

- I have added 24px formats for icons that appear in the startmenu and need it

- I have spent a lot of time just grabbing the coolest vista icons there are

- It features the original and coolest Vista Cursors there are


- Over 180 Icons for nearly all parts of your system

- Compressed to the very optimum and lightning fast
© 2008 - 2020 code2
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very very......well
Chane-Doze's avatar
WHAT A GREAT ICONS!!! of vista ultimate!!!
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love this set!
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I downloaded this now what do I do?
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Thanks for your reliable effort! I really love these. I'm using it now for my Navigation pane icons. :D
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Glad you like them :) Thanks!
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thanks man I'm using it it looks very cool
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very neat. awesome. they look really great! :D
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I love these icons.
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Appreciated ;)
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Thanx for sharing these icons. I've browsed through all of your pages and I love the work you've made so far.
The X-Fi Silver Winamp skin for example is very beautiful. One of the best old winamp skins, from my point of view.
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Very nice vista style icons!:D
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I appreciate your execellent work.
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I am chinese,thanks!谢谢!!!
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vista sux ..
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Does this have control panel icons? mine did not change, either way its a cool pack.
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Yes it has ! All which can be skinned, are covered, so you might have had the Checkmark for the CP icons unchecked ?
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Bah, im an idiot, thanks it always the simple things that get you.
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Featured at : [link]
Thanks for that!
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Good job m8 :thumbsup:
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Very well done and easily the most thorough job I've seen. So far, I haven't seen a missing icon. Thank you!
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