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A Chance Encounter
Amenii, slamming the door behind her was building up to full speed, by the time she was on the stairs, taking the steps three at a time she was in full throttle mode. At the last flight of stairs she decided to forgo running and jumped, flying through the air, her leg out to brace her landing – just as a large figure came around the corner.

‘Oh sh-!’

Having just enough time to catch a glimpse of brown orange fur, Amenii crashed into the larger mammal’s chest, sending them both to the floor in a heap. Papers raining down around them, Amenii pushed herself up to her feet, ‘I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!’ she managed to scream before running out pas the stunned mammal who was still picking herself up.

Nera had just finished putting together her portfolio, arranged each of her artistic drawings with the best ones on the top and showing off her different styles further on. She had just gotten everything in order and was on the way out of her dorm room when, out of nowhere, a berserking ball of brown fur decide to attack her at the stair well. The berserker the screamed something and was gone before she had even gotten a good look at offending mammal.

Muttering darkly she busied herself trying to gather up her precious drawings. All that time organizing, all undone in a freak moment. A quick glance at her watch told her all she needed to know, and her muttering turned to curses.

‘Going. To. Be. Late.’ Nera cursed as she frantically grabbed the last of her drawings and stuffed them into her bag. ‘Going. To. Be. Really. Late.’

And with that she was out the door and running.

Previously: Beginning
First: Beginning

*Does anyone know how to create a Previous, First, and Next link?

Do Not Judge Me
Quivering with barley controlled rage, Bellona’s fingers flashed dancing in intricate arcs before her while tears rolled down her cheeks. In a final dramatic gesture she flung her arms down and turned, running from the group only to stop several paces away and cover her face.

More confused than anything the speaker looked over to Mira. ‘What was all that about?’

Mira, breathing in a deeply, let out a sigh of annoyance.

‘She said: ‘You are an insensitive jerk. I can understand what you say. I do not need to be handled with special care. I may be deaf, but I can still see your face well enough. You are afraid of me. Of what I am.’ Mira translated in a slow monotone voice, cut with simmering anger. ‘You think that because I am deaf I am clumsy. Stupid. Slow. Because I am nearly blind, that I am incapable.’

After a moments thought Mike chose not to include several more of Bellona’s more choice words about what she though about the individual before him and in the lingering silence, shame hung like a thick wall.

‘I think I’ll – go.’ The offender added after a hesitant pause.

Mira did nothing to stop him.


Character Overview:

Meet Bellona, a deaf bunny, who is slowly losing her sight due to a degenerative condition. She has it particularly rough, due to the stigmas associated with having a disability, and she has two. Near totally deaf, and with a limited visual spectrum she is struggling to compensate with memory, and touch to try and function.

Refusing to use a white cane/probe stick to act as a sensory aid she stubbornly soldiers on throughout her collage life. Determined to get her degree in art, she is an avid student, if not considered a little bit obsessed with creating. Her room mate has often become quite concerned as she sometimes insists on going days without sleep as to finish a project.

Her argument being, ‘My vision is not getting any better.’  

Despite her failing vision, or perhaps because of it, Bellona’s dedication to artistic creation is second to none. When she is not working she is pouring over books, trying to learn new techniques and scribbling down her ideas to share with her roommate.

Her latest and possibly most controversial if not radical form of art she put forth as her thesis project: The vibrating symphony.  Where, with the help of her friends she created a chair designed to vibrate at various intensities according to the musical composition being plaid. Her favorite is the theme music from Jurassic park.

This radical for of thinking has made her quite a reputation as an upcoming artist. This reputation as she puts it is both a blessing and a curse. People want to get to know her, but are also turned off when they find out the composer is nearly deaf and going blind.

Besides her carrier, she also struggles with dating and relationships. More often than not, her date is drawn to the idea of a hapless bunny to take care of, and how happy she will be if they do everything for her. That never goes over well.

One, Bellona likes to be able to do things, even if it is a struggle sometimes. That and she knows from experience that people love to fall in love with the fantasy of living with a disabled person. Right up until reality sets in. And Bellona is very good at weeding out these people, though it still hurts.

Overall, she is a outgoing, she loves to be outside, and is determined not to become a shut in despite her disabilities. She tends not to talk much, but instead prefers to sign. This is not because she is mute, but because she has difficulty processing her volume and annunciation. She, hates the looks people give her when she tries to speak, because she knows she sounds ‘off’. And does not want to have to deal with that stigma.

In collage.

This came to mind recently as I have had to go over a lot of dry texts at work. The material is not the fun end exciting reads you would expect, but no, it is more around the lines of 'How to play nice with politicians'

To save myself from slumping forwards into a coma I employed a technique I used when reading some of my more dry textbooks. You know how your mind processes what you read in a mental narration of your own voice?

Well... instead of using your own replace that voice with that of Kratos from God Of War, aka, Ass Hat. Just Invision him holding your textbook, wire rimmed glasses on, and almost screaming out every sentence with misguided rage.

This works great, right up until your professor asks everyone to 'take turns' (this happened in one of my public speaking classes - we were giving a topic and chosen at random with only 30 seconds to prepare) aaaaand without thinking I jumped my topic:

The culinary arts.

Now imagine Kratos going on at length about baking. In his most pissed off voice and yelling at the audience. People were actually flintich away from me when accidentally flung my note cards off the table in a more theatrical gesture.

By the time I got to the preparation aspect of the said culinary delights, such as kneading the bread, our using a blade to spread, the front row were making a steady retreat. This may have to do with my tendency to talk with my hands and said hands just happened to be at head level...

I got top marks in the end, but the professor did note that I sounded like I was about to go on a murder spree and that the culinary arts had never sounded so grizzly.

So remember,

Use your Kratos voice, for everything. :)


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