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Human Mane 6

Here are the human portreaits of the Mane 6 from My Little Pony. All done with Copic Markers
With, from left to right, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie

Hope you'll like them !
MLP and the Mane 6 belong to Hasbro
Art by me :)
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© 2013 - 2021 codaleia
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Pinkie has lollipop earrings! :heart: So cute!
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yeah ! cute earrings !
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Oh I love love that you made Twilight Sparkle brown! The mane six lend themselves to all sorts of ethnicities, so its nice to see fans mixing it up.
codaleia's avatar
I really like the idea of ethnic ponies as humans. When they are as ponies, you don't ask yourself the question because they are all colors and unicorns/pegasus/earth ponies... But as humans, they should not be all white, shouldn't they ?
kozispoon's avatar
I completely agree!
I personally like the fanart where artists makes Rarity Asian, Fluttershy Muslim, and Pinkie Pie kinda chubby.
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Yes, I saw some too. That was quite cool indeed !
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:squee: Great interpretations of the Mane 6! I think you really captured their personalities:D I love them all, and it cracks me up that Pinkie looks like an overeager make-up clerk ("Would you like to try this new perfume? It will be HEAVENLY on you!!")
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Thanks !! It seems that some people didn't like this or that interpretation, but I guess that everybody has its own view of the character, even more when they are humanised :)
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Meh, everyone's a critic;) I definitely enjoyed the diversity you used with each of the 6 and really felt their personalities shining through:D
codaleia's avatar
^^ you're right !
ME: AJ is perfect, She needed to look more tom-boy/masculine.
Twilight looks good (I always saw her as Asian Indian).
Pinkie is OK, but she looks a tad too old and thin (just my opinion).
Rarity is classy as always.
Dash is well made (this is just me, but she looks Chinese).
And finally (my favorite), Fluttershy. She looks lovely, shy, and very kind as she should.
I give you (not that it maters what I say) a 9.5/10. Continue the excellent work!
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ahah thanks ! that's a good mark ^^;
I didn't intended to make Dash asian but maybe that's how she came out after all
ME: We- er... I apologize if I upset you at all, but I was just giving my honest opinion. I wouldn't object to you (who is better artist by alot) critic my art. Not that I'm forcing you to critic my stuff, but I would take your opinion in the highest regards.
codaleia's avatar
Oh !! You didn't upset me !! Not at all ! I'm sorry if you felt that way, that was absolutely not my purpose v__v
Every critic is good to be taken :)
ME: Thanks! I've been looking through your gallery and found out something. I've Favorited alot of your stuff! I love Gargoyles, I've recently became a Brony, and I like monsters (i'm participial looking forward to the 30 girl monster challenge)! It's awesome to have met you! (I would like it if you could critic my stuff, but you TOTALLY don't have to! I would just be honored if you did)
codaleia's avatar
oh ! cool !
I'll have a look at your gallery ^^
ME: Thankyou!

:icontorvusandfriends: You're improving his self esteem. STOP! I'M trying to get rid of it!
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Ha! Very fun designs. Fluttershy is generally not my favorite, but you translated her into a shy and awkward human so well here!
codaleia's avatar
AppleCider1412's avatar
i can see all of them looking like the for the exception of pinkie. that portrait is freaky and doesn't look like her much
codaleia's avatar
Well... She's joyful and expansive, and has fluffy curly pink hair and she can look a little bit freaky too... it sounds like Pinkie to me :) That's how I wanted to picture her ^^
You may not find her at your taste and that's fine with me !
AppleCider1412's avatar
i like everyone else in the picture tho. especially AJ XD
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