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Whew, haven't uploaded in while. I'm pretty active on Instagram and Tumblr right now so this account tends to be forgotten. 
This is Stocke, protagonist of Radiant Historia. If you're a fan of JRPGs and haven't played this yet, DO IT. It's wonderful :3

I have drawn the other characters in this crosshatching style as well, look here.

I've been struggling with finding a drawing style I like so right now I switch between like 5 different styles. This is one I'm very fond of and I guess it's the most unique. I draw it traditionally and scan it in high quality.

Anyway, I hope you like it!
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Did you scan that in or did you only use lineart?
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It's ink on paper and then I scanned it :)
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I love this and kind of want to color it.
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Thank god I like inking more than coloring so I don't get this feeling. I'd never declare something as finished. xD
Glad you feel that way about it though :3
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Amazing, I like your style. Don't know Radiant Historia, so at a first glance, I thought it was Yuno from Black Clover.
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Thanks! :3
Haha, yeah it would be easier to tell which character it is if this was a colored drawing. Because this character here wears a lot of red. 
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Great line work bro you got some skill looks great.I need to learn line art myself
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Thank you so much x3 And practice is always the key, you can do it!
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Could you spare some tips I've never just focused on line i'm usually grey scale
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Hm, I can try :D 
So, with lines you should always start thin. The first thing I do is drawing the outlines with a thin black pen. I usually make certain lines a little bit thicker to make the silhouette and shapes clear to the viewer (Look at the knuckles of his right hand, the outline is much thicker). And that's actually "the magic" of it. In this type of drawing, I use hatching to imitate some kind of greyscale. The most important thing here is to darken some parts so that you can see which elements are in the front and which are in the back. The belts at the bottom, for example, are much darker to show that the arm is in front of it.
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Woah, schaut voll nice aus
Ziemlich viel Detail für Schwarz und Weiß! Daumen hoch!
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Danke!! Ich bin auch jedes Mal überrascht, wie viel man nur mit Schwarz-Weiß machen kann. Aber so gut hab ich die Schraffur Zeichnungen bisher nur in dieser Reihe hinbekommen ^^;
Anime-Grimmy's avatar
Für alles gibt es ein erstes Mal! Und wenns mal passiert, kanns nur so weitergehen ;)
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