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The Brand New You
"More in from Normal Land," Donnie called out, herding the group of new comers in like a flock of sheep. I could see it on their faces; the confusion and surprise of having stumbled out of their little Normal Land and into ours.
"Just show them to the paparazzi, they'll take care of them," I said with a lazy wave of my hand. This job had grown tedious to me, finding these gentle people and turning them into the wild and crazy ones they were meant to be. But we hadn't had a single interesting person in weeks, even months ! I sighed and turned to close the doors to their world.
"Hold up! I got the last one, he tried to escape," H Shoe called out, dragging in a young man with a frustrated scowl on his face. The man looked over Donnie and H Shoe, obviously taking in their-what to him would seem like- wonderfully complex outfits. Then, his dull gray eyes peered over his glasses, and took in my get-up.
Like everyone who had ever come through that door, his eyes bulged, his jaw fell,
:iconcocopankakes:CocoPankakes 9 17
Who's got it goin on...? by CocoPankakes Who's got it goin on...? :iconcocopankakes:CocoPankakes 2 10
A mellowed out Pete. This was a first for Patrick, but he wasn't complaining.
Patrick sat on the bed in his cluttered apartment, fiddling with his guitar again, and nodding along to no particular rhythm. Pete lay sideways in the swivel chair a few feet away, and at the moment, looked half asleep.
But of course, no such luck for Patrick. Pete had other crazy ideas, but he had just contained himself for the past hour for Patrick's sake.
"Patrick…" Pete whined, turning his head to look at Patrick. "What cha' doin?"
Patrick groaned in frustration, knowing this would not stop if Patrick didn't come up with a creative answer.
"I'm trying to write something for Folie à Deux," Patrick said lamely, plucking a few random notes. Pete raised a curious eyebrow at him.
"Are you crazy? All the tracks are done, and the final product is gonna be put on the CD in a week," But after seeing the look in Patrick's eyes - the look that sparked in his smoky gray eyes any time he came up with an idea
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Twinny Love- Collab by CocoPankakes Twinny Love- Collab :iconcocopankakes:CocoPankakes 7 8 Hakari- Merry Christmas by CocoPankakes Hakari- Merry Christmas :iconcocopankakes:CocoPankakes 0 12 Echo and Patrick by CocoPankakes Echo and Patrick :iconcocopankakes:CocoPankakes 1 8 Nova and Brendon by CocoPankakes Nova and Brendon :iconcocopankakes:CocoPankakes 0 7 Kirby and Ryan by CocoPankakes Kirby and Ryan :iconcocopankakes:CocoPankakes 0 4 Charcoal Drawing atempt by CocoPankakes Charcoal Drawing atempt :iconcocopankakes:CocoPankakes 0 9 Water Fairy Colored by CocoPankakes Water Fairy Colored :iconcocopankakes:CocoPankakes 0 12
Justice- An acrostic
Just looking for the right, the reality.
Until a selfish answer is found.
Searching, looking, investigating, exploring.
Truth and trust have no meaning.
Inside your head, giving way to desire.
Consumed by purpose, what was intended.
Ending in defeat, failure, death.
:iconcocopankakes:CocoPankakes 4 13

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United States
Current Residence: In a pinapple under the sea
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Alternative
MP3 player of choice: Ipod and Touch
Wallpaper of choice: Lavender
Personal Quote: "There's a difrence between suppose to and can"
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1. I just cut off 11 inches of hair and dyed my hair with Henna...exciting...

2. I have a cherry red bass named Sydney (named after the city, not a person). I am not very good at it, but I have one good show off song, so yay!

3. I love New Jersey (which no one does, lol) but I also love Texas, un-like some people.

4. I don't like telling people my problems, I like people asking me to talk about them.

5. I strongly believe that I am un-diagnosed ADD. obviously, I am bad at consentrati- OH LOOK A SQUIRREL. but seriously, i am

6. I stopped bitting my nails two years ago to get rockband.

7. I hate when people put themselves down. Yeah, I'm not perfect, but I've come to terms with myself.

8. My eyes officially turn back and forth between green and blue (color contacts)

9. Weird thing...I can't picture things in my mind for more than a couple seconds. Seriously, its weird. Most things I never get a mental image with.

10.I have had this journal open and trying to think of interesting things for at least 3

okay, i'm WAY too lazy to tag people. just do it :P

~ CoCo <3
  • Reading: Smack, 13 Reasons Why, Rx, The Bell Jar
  • Drinking: Slim Fast


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