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A Bit of Salt and Sugar

By cocooh
A Bit of Salt and Sugar

Arch Linux + Openbox

Ask me anything :D
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ncmpcpp config please
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can you share me ur tint2 config , gtk , and openbox theme ?
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very nice shot man! very inspiring now for me to emulate it.
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This looks amazing!

I have a few questions:

- What font are you using?
- What terminal emulator is this?
- And how do you set the small margin inside of the terminal?

Thanks in advance!

Btw, you probably won't share your tint2 theme, will you? Because it looks great! :D
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:D The config is using lime from artwiz font
Thats urxvt
That little margin is drawn by the window manager itself

Ahh , if you want , i'll upload the tint2 theme :D Ive shared it before
Thanks!! Sure I want the theme.. ;-)
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Really good one. Are you using cairo composite manager?

Do you mind sharing the wallpaper?
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I have a noob question: Did you align the borders of your windows with your mouse or has Openbox some mechanism to do that?
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The borders are drawn by the ob theme :)
Looks amazing - really nice work - is the button panel a customized version of tint2 or are you using something else ?
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Yup , tint2 :D
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you can share the .xdefualts please?
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Here : [link]

They are by gutterslob :D
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I assume your openbox conf isn't actually visable here as its just undecorated terms, but have you thought of using a tilingWM?

also, is that bracket in your prompt meant to line up like so [ ? if not thats coo, but if so might just need to remove one space..
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Ahh , about the bracket , it's meant to be like that

It was a config given to me by G-17 / gutterslob :D
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Saw your Scrotwm screenshot :D

Love it
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