gonna try get back into this site again lmao

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gonna tryyyyyy it again

since tumblr shit itself lmao

might upload some roadrat stuff here idk. i need a new fandom dumping ground udjfgfghfgjh
havent made a journal entry in so long it feels WEIRD

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instagram's where it's at these days :}
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Welcome back! There are a few dregs of us still lurking around here. :>
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Hello! I'm curious to see how many people will be moving back here now that tumblr has effectively shot itself in the foot.
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I had my older stuff that I used to post as flagged, they weren't even explict.
Figured I might as well stop posting art for a while until shit just starts calming down.

Also hey
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Welcome back! :party:        
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Keep getting upload errors on Tumblr regardless of file size, nothing is flagged though which is good.
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Wow it's been a while! :iconoldplz:
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hello! Welcome back! As you can see, nothing really changes here. >_> for good or bad. >_>;;;
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Welcome back to grey/green hell. <3
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Been trying to get back into DA as well but it's such a ghost town. The activity here is just as underwhelming as the ridiculous shit that is happening on tumblr, lol. Anyhoo, I'm not going to give up just yet. Welcome back!
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feels like a mistake doesnt it. wish there was a better alternative

welcome back tho, missed your stuff
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Happy return! :heart:
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Always good to hear from you :)
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ummmmm did i say you could come here :\
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no but u can never stop me 
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LOok who came crawling back...

good I like your art.
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LMAO RIGHT on my dang hands n knees

ty <33
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I thought you had hooves
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They flagged maybe 6 of my drawings on there and exactly zero of them had adult content Eye Roll  Unless you count Freakazoid's spandex outfit as risque.
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ya same. i made them review and un-flag them lol they dumb as hell. 
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