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the ritual

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Wanted to draw the monster from The Ritual so I DID
i keep trying to get back into this site and every time i do they update it and make it look uglier and harder to use so idk uhhhhhhhhgghh
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I knew this was based off of something, overall great piece :)

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now i really want to watch this movie, hahah. very atmospheric!

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Yaaay im not gonna sleep tonight cuz of seeing this :D Love the artwork
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Making a grocery list of all the stuff I need for the ritural, what do I need to summon him?

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It's one of the greatest horror movies on Netflix <3 Have you noticed those small creepy details among the trees sometimes? <3

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Oh, that monster design was always awesome!

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Haven't seen the movie but regardless, very atmospheric and unsettling. I always like your work
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Hell YEAH I love Moder!! I love wild creature designs and monster movies - horror these days is all about ghosts and demons and concepts of mental disability and it sucks. Give me monsters!!! And not just humans in makeup, I want CREATURES.

And yeah Eclipse is terrible but what can you do :c

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Yassss great movie, great monster! Saw a little too much of it maybe, but still a great ride.

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I loved this movie. And you captured the creepiness factor for sure!

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