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foo dog

foo dogs are so COOL
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I love your take on the Foo Dog design!

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Nice looking foo dog!
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A lot of times I see foo-dogs represented with fire, and I think that this is really cool because I don't get a sense of fire here, it reminds me more of air! This is a really cool take on the foo-dog!
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omg this is amazing! I´m in love with the colors * o * 
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Interesting... and very cool. 
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Just beautiful. Foo dogs are amazing. XD
PlasticRabbits's avatar
AGREED. Especially orange and green ones <3 
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Reminds me of Komanoto from Spectrobes. Awesome nontheless!
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oh god I LOVE this, it's so dynamic and has so much motion in it !!
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I really like the style. c;
LexisSketches's avatar
Wow, what a beast!!
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Youre so cool.
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Your work has developed so much and is so amazing to look at! Your color choices are perfect and I love your brush settings. I also love your shading and values and overall you can tell right away without looking at the name on the piece that this is yours (: this is amazing!
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Aaah thank you so much! that means a lot to me, let me kiss u
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uhhhrrr so swirly

I love it.
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Now this is fucking BADASSSSS
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