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bulbasaur's the cutest imo but the one and only time i used it, I ended up boxing it at lv 50 cause it sucked lol


on tumblr: [link]
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Haha funny! Love the faces. X)
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I remember playing LeafGreen. Bulbasaur was my favorite starter. I should start playing LeafGreen again.
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This guy is a champion,you can tell by that spaced out look on his face,yup :I

Interesting illustration :clap:
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frick yea he ballin
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pretty freaking adorable
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It depends on what moves you teach it. Except for Magicarp any pokemon can be good at lv. 100.
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[link] Magikarp actually isn't that bad.

The worst Pokemon is actually Luvdisc. And Ditto. :B
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lv 100 feebas is my dream
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Lol, the derpasaur's so cute. I love this. XD
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OHMYGOD. They are so derpy. XD
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XD, Neat design interpretation
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aww looks so cute, I like the look you give at it, looks like a frog x3
(the first one is the best xD)
nice job ;D
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Aaaaaah! He looks like a little froggggg. Damn, now I need to popo some batteries in to my old GB color, and play again.
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teheeeeeee GO GET IT N PLAY
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I adore this rendition of Bulbasaur! He's so cute and froggy!
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it's like he staring into my sooooul....
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coco nut milky way, i've missed your pictures.
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