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Entry for the 'Make Ugly' contest. Download for larger version!
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Aw gramma I didn't know you were coming to visit. XD
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I asked the surgeon to make me look like Gwyneth Paltro I come off the operating table looking like fucking Shrek.
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Fantastic work! Your character is rad! Congrats making it to the semi finalists. Good luck to you!
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thank you so much!!
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Great character. He truly is ugly in a great way. Good luck to you.
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This kind of reminds me of my now deceased, chain smoking great-grandfather. I remember visiting them as a little kid, and accidentally finding him in his tool shed, where he would often creep away from his wife to sneak sips from a hidden flask and smoke his spouse-forbidden cigars. To a 5 year old, he looked about as old as this character. Fantastic work; the thumbnail caught my eye immediately and up close there is plenty to keep my attention dancing around the image. Good luck!
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NO OMG thats sad : (((( thanks so much though!
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its kind of zomibes or anything, but damn thats really awesome
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Well, you made ugly... The poster child... Of ugly... Its as if it took a bath... In ugly...
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Ugly and yet beautiful!
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You're phenomenal.
CoconutMilkyway's avatar
thanks so much aaa
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You never cease to amaze me.
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yo dis is killa
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