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[PK] Sasha
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(i did not make this, all credit goes to ToeBeaner)

Pokemon: Scrafty

Nature: Adamant

Ability: Shed Skin


Giga Impact - Normal Type
Focus punch- Fighting Type
Head Crash- Rock Type
Hyper beam - Normal Type

kingdom: kingdom of Diamonds
Name: Sasha Malikov
Age: 23
Height: 5"4
birthday: 1 November

relationship status: Single

sexuality: Lesbian

card rank: 2
occupation: Body guard for hire

|A N G E R Y|

Sasha is the most unstable and aggresive person you will run in to, if you say something that she does not like she will immidiatly become pissed of at you and in the worst case scenario even attempt to fight you.

Her life quote is "Ill protect the weak... as long as they pay me enough" she absolutely lives by this Quote since she will not attempt to become friends with anyone but she will listen to the people that pay her enough money to live from, after her Job is done she will not hold any friendships with the person that hired her since Sasha sees things only as business.

However if you actaully manage to befriend Sasha you either are very strong, in this case Sasha would be affraid of said person and not attempt to fight them or she somehow mustve taken a liking to you in wich case she might become your permanent Body guard

Do not mistake though.. Just because Sasha is a bodyguard does not mean she is a good person, she will not hesitate to take anything that she likes

Sasha is always trying to prove her strenght and Enjoys fighting strong foes, she is not the type that will randomly hit someone though, there are clear signs when she will attempt to fight you, these are either pissing her of... wich believe me will be clearly visable or she will just straight up go to the person she wants to fight and tell them.

Sasha is not a very smart person, she has always refused to go to a school because of the fact that it seemed incredibly boring to her.


Sasha's house hold was average, it was never her parents fault it turned out like this... it just seemed like Sasha was dropped on her head or something when she was younger since her parents did everything to satisfy sasha, they bought anything she wanted, from clothes to food and toys... the only thing Sasha would be focussed on seemed to be on fighting and getting in trouble.

Sasha had never any friends, this was not very suprising due to the fact that she was a incredible violent child.
At the age of 6 she had been caught fighting with multiple kids already, most of the other kids her age didnt dare to come anywhere near her, and the ones that did only did so to start fights with her or simply to piss her of.

at the age of 11 is when she got arrested for the first time for a heavy assault on a random child, Her parents got told by the parents that the reason of Sasha's attack had been that she didnt like the kids face and that he was just in her way, atleast that is what Sasha had told them.

Sasha had gotten arrested of 7 times already at the 18 of and had spend her most time behind bars wich did not really improve her personality all the better, well that was untill someone had taken interest from the outside world, the basically paid her out of prison to take her as their personal body guard, it all went well untill Sasha got bored of this person and decided to just leave at night to travel around.

this brings us to the present day.

Sasha is now 23 years old and lives on her own in the kingdom of diamonds, she works as a bodyguard for hire, meaning that she would be the bodyguard of anyone that pays her enough money, since she started living in the kingdom she has not been arrested she is trying to start all over and tries to stay out of jail
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