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THE NEW OPEN ROAD -- Branch & Hawthorn (Section 19-DEC2) Copyright 2019 Dorie B. Welcome back to The New Open Road. A long year for siblings Hawthorn & Rosina Maina is coming to a close. Hawthorn has been gaining experience & important flight hours with the skytrotter job in Bellflower, while Rosina has been laboring at her office job in Tysons Corner. With time off for themselves again, there was plenty of catching up to do, and in this second Once Upon a December Tale for 2019, plenty of friends to introduce. HOME AND THE HOLIDAYS One chilly morning in Fairfax County, Hawthorn & Rosina assemble at their kitchen table for breakfast. Hawthorn's girlfriend Jelesca Blanchard serves them one of her signature complete dishes for all three of them. Rosina grabs a fork & consumes a portion of her omelet. "Oh my god, you have to show me how you cooked this." Jelesca grins. Hawthorn adds, "You see, er rather, taste why?" Jelesca says she'd be glad to show her someday. Her recipe was passed down to her from previous generations. She adds that Dorsey tried to bribe her to share the recipe for her family's food truck, but she didn't cave in. Rosina thought that was kinda mean. After breakfast, they drive up the open road (through light traffic) to the land of Harpers Ferry. Their destination is the Lindstrom's house. Bright red lights line the perimeters of the windows. The Lindstroms brought their food truck from Bellflower, as their relatives wanted to spend the weekend with Aubrey. Aubrey & her husband Franz were working fast to finish decorating the tree. Dorsey struggles to top off the tree with a tall star. She becomes more frustrated while trying not to knock off any of their hard work on the tree itself. Hawthorn decides to intervene, and help her get the star up in place. Dorsey thanks him greatly. After, the pilot formally introduces to Franz his sister Rosina, and his girlfriend Jelesca. Franz goes over to greet Jelesca, adding "So you are the other anjelica fairy my wife & daughter have been raving about. You're not as tall as I thought." The travel agent was confused by that last comment. Dorsey reminds him, "You kept thinking she was built like an Amazon woman, but I told you I was taller than her." Jelesca sees what Dorsey's father means now, but wonders what kind of imagination he has inside that brain of his. Jelesca looks around the living room. She tells them, "This is really nice, and I like what you guys have done with the place." Franz appreciates the compliment. He asks Jelesca if her family dressed up her house. Jelesca pauses, then admits they don't really decorate much. She wishes they did more often. Then, Hawthorn notices that Aubrey was snacking on a couple sandwich cookies, even though she seemed calm & invested. "Wait, when I first came here you told me you eat those when you're stressed." Aubrey explains that she didn't say only when she was stressed. Besides, these were gingerbread sandwich cookies. Dorsey complains that her mother won't share them. Rosina replies, "Well, buy your own then." Dorsey pouts. Rosina decides to share some of her adventures with the Lindstroms, about dealing with the biker gang, and learning magic from her mentor Deirdre Bryshire. Aubrey interrupts her. "I have to be honest, Rosina. I'm not a fan of Deirdre. Some of the stuff she speaks of I really don't agree with." Rosina understands her criticism, but she replies "When it comes to mentoring me & the others under her study, she's an excellent teacher." Hawthorn stands by his sister's word. Dorsey shakes her head. "You may not like it, but I think more tech based magic is the future. We have to be ready for it." Hawthorn adds, "From what we've been through so far, I think the future is already here." Silence. "We have to continue learning more about our powers, and expand upon that even greater." The ladies agree with him. Rosina says she can't wait to find out more about the anjelica. Jelesca wonders, "I have an idea, we should look around for someone who knows a little something about us fairies, and see if there's more around this area while we're at it." The pilot has been wondering about that. He thinks he found someone who can provide just that, but cannot seem to reach them. Dorsey cries, "Ooo, who is it? who is it?" Aubrey tells her to calm down, since it seems he doesn't want to name any names right now. Hawthorn confirms that, only because he wants to be sure this goes through. With decorations complete for now, they decide to hit a Dave & Buster's not too far from Harpers Ferry, to play some of the arcade games there. Rosina & Jelesca throw down on a dancing game, since she wanted to see how good the travel agent's skills really are. They played one hard level song, and both ladies lit up the score totals with some stellar play. When they see the result, they were stunned. Jelesca not only won, she achieved a high score for that song. Rosina cries, "T-that's crazy! Not even I could get that much. Have you even played this one before?" Jelesca answers that she's done so once, and she got close to Rosina's score back then. Rosina sees that she underestimated her a bit, and asks if she wants to go again. Jelesca smiles. Aubrey & Franz were playing some of the popular redemption games, while Hawthorn & Dorsey race each other in one of the racing games. It was a game (and a track) they are both familiar with, but Dorsey drove it beautifully. Hawthorn could not find any room to pass her for the lead. "Dang it, you're good!" As Dorsey crosses the finish line for the victory, she replies "I always loved racing games as a kid. Sorry if I was too rough on you." Hawthorn doesn't think she was, he blames himself for not being more aggressive. Lare that day in Harpers Ferry, the Lindstroms thank Hawthorn & Jelesca for coming by. Aubrey adds, "Don't worry about Cali & Tex, we'll check on them tomorrow." Hawthorn just hopes he's still on the nice list after what happened earlier this year. Rosina is curious. Dorsey explains that California is one of the anjelica fairies. He is a teenager, but he doesn't seem to respect elders all that well other than his own father Texas. Rosina shakes head in disbelief. "It seems all your fairy buddies got some issues, bro." The pilot lowers his head in a bit of shame. He raises it again to say, "We're all trying, but nothing is going to be fixed overnight, or by a Christmas wish." The others agree. Hawthorn's words bring a call to action & motivation for the fairies in the new year, especially with more, tougher battles on the horizon. That said, it was now time for the Mainas to leave for their home for the holidays. Franz tells them they are welcome any time. Rosina greatly appreciates it. -- This will be the last tale for 2019, the last tale in a long & amazing decade for The New Open Road, an intimate look at the magical boys & girls of the District, Maryland, and Virgina. But do not think this is the end of the road. No, it's the complete opposite. The anjelica fairies are back at work next New Open Road as Oluchi & the Starlight Fairies take their schemes to a whole new level. Also, Hawthorn reunites with another lady from his past, one that could be just what he needs to accomplish his own dreams (and hers too). That & more are soaring in on Section 20-D1-HAW!!

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:  This is the last segment for 2019, the second 'December tale which sees our lead hero Hawthorn enjoy some time back at his home, and with his sister Rosina.  Of course, it wouldn't be interesting without a visit to the Lindstroms in Harpers Ferry.
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