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THE NEW OPEN ROAD -- 2021 Primer

Copyright 2021 by Dorie B.

Welcome! The New Open Road is an intimate look at the magical boys & girls of the District, Maryland, and Virginia. This is a story that started ten years ago in 2011, and now finds its way into the next decade with all new adventures. This primer is designed to help readers as they take the on-ramp to the road ahead.

We need to start at the beginning. Many of these tales feature the Sequoia, the great faction of magicians, and their followers. The Sequoia are African-American, but almost anyone can be a follower. They've managed to defeat several sinister enemies so far, but there are more to fight in this new decade.

Many of these tales feature an unique class of fairies. They are known as the petal fairies. Originating from the fairy realm which has seen explosive population growth since the 1950's, they come in multiple breeds, and have been through a lot over that time. The current guardians of these fairies are Courtney Highland from Laurel in Maryland, and Jenna Doncaster from Moonlight Way in Mana-Land. The fairies love Courtney, even though his heart belongs to another human woman from his realm.

Many of these tales feature one of the most famous magical families in the entire region...the Campbells. Most of them live in the magical land of Glen Burnie, and some of them are also Sequoian followers. They have a mostly proud lineage of magicians, and see a lot of action whether on the battlefield or just out & about. The most prominent these days is Rosalee A. Campbell, a zookeeper with quite a fanbase & a boyfriend who is just as tough as she is.

Many of these tales feature a magic pirate who would rather share the spoils rather than swim in them. Marnie Tabernacle lives on a waterfront home in the land of Queenstown, longs to be a news reporter, and prefers a motorhome over a boat. Ms. Tabernacle isn't without her own share of tragedy & triumph; her first boyfriend betrayed her in an irredeemable way, but new friends helped her get the better of him. Today, she is joined by the lovable Hershey Windsong, her new boyfriend Papago Vasile, and the wauhou Crokett.

Two years ago, a new adventure started in the fairy realm when aspiring commuter pilot Hawthorn Maina encountered a Swedish woman named Dorsey Lindstrom. Dorsey was an anjelica fairy who could not transform into one, which was why she was there & not at her hometown of Harpers Ferry. Hawthorn, hailing from Vienna in Virginia, had the power to unlock the fairy's transformation. Together, they have found more anjelica fairies in both realms, and have earned the friendship of the petal fairies in a combined effort to weed out their common adversaries such as Oluchi Medeiros, a vengeful figure from Hawthorn's past.

Concurrently, Hawthorn's sister Rosina lives & works around their home, and is learning magic from one of the most polarizing sorcerers in the realm. She's obviously not the only one being trained by Deirdre Bryshire; so is her best friend & gothic lolita Janis Burntwood, and their rival horsegirl Delta Rivercrown. At first, they weren't the closest of buds, but recent events have brought them together in ways that could last a lifetime.

And now you know the premise of the story, but there's a lot more faces to meet & places to explore that this primer can't handle. What follows is some suggested on-ramps for getting into the fun & excitement.

11-1-JOY: This is the berry first segment that introduces the Sequoia, the most famous faction of magicians on the planet. It also introduces the star of the show, Joy Bluewater, a popular therapist struggling with the position given to her, and the battles she wages.

12-D1-JOY: This segment introduces Joy's assistant Maple Foylesbury, and the light rail of the story named Lucy. This leads to an adventure with so much on the line.

13-D2-ROS: The start of the Lost Treasures arc that introduces another leading chara, Marnie Tabernacle. When a shocking truth is revealed, her life is changed forever, and it's up to Maple & a revitalized Rosalee Campbell to help right an unforgivable wrong.

14-D1-ROS: The start of the Doncasters arc, a.k.a. Rosalee's other family. It turns out they are worried that another noble clan has their attention, and their hunger for power must be squelched.

16-D1-ROS: This introduces a magical girl from space named Maybelline Schuyler, but the reactions from her arrival lead into the St. Germains arc, which leads to some shocking moments for Joy and for Remy Schwinn.

19-D1-HAW: This is the beginning of the Anjelica arc. It introduces Hawthorn, Dorsey, and the legendary Anjelica Fairies. It also tells of the ongoing struggle between the Petal Fairies & villainous Starlight Fairies.

Here it is, the mini document for first-time readers & visitors to The New Open Road!  I didn't say too much because a lot happens in the actual stories that have to be seen to believe.
Don't forget to check out the illustrations & whimsies in the other folders too!
© 2021 CocoFaerie
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