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Mayana-Nekojin-MYO-Entry by cococolors Mayana-Nekojin-MYO-Entry by cococolors
A bit rushed but I had a lot of fun!
Nekojin Fungi Petals: Very Rare
Horns: Rare
Monster arms: Common
Cat Mouth ears: Common
Elf ears: Common
Skin: Pinkish Tone (Common) with Pastel Magenta Gradient (Common)
Tail: Fluffy Rat Tail: Rare
Wings: Rare (any location)

Approved by- XenoBaby
Closed Species by- XenoBaby

Please critique the artwork and design of this character.

Do not use this character without my permission unless it is for art, but please send my the finished art!

Personality traits-Shy and ditsy.

I haven't fleshed her out yet.
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CivilianNo867 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Howdy buckeroon! I’m one of them critiquers from projectcomment
Overall the drawing is very good―It would work fine as a reference. However, there are a few areas that need work. 

First off, 
the picture looks washed out. There are no strong colours to attract the viewers eye. When you want to emphasize certain parts of character (or picture), like the eye flowers for example, you’d colour them with a rich, saturated colour to draw in the viewers eye. Since the character is so faded looking; It looks like she’s a ghost or you messed up the transparency of all of the layers. 
While some styles do have a faded look, the better ones will have areas of bright colour for emphasis.
Heres a good Article on emphasis and while this may just be a character design you can incorporate some of the points.

Some of the copy and pasting of the eye flowers is a bit obvious: Mainly the two on the legs. You can get a way with obvious copy’n pasting for the small details (the tiny flowers) but for something larger, I’d recommend just drawing another. Or if you’er lazy (like me) simply flip and rotate it a little (don’t be afraid to touch it up with the eraser)

Now on to the design part! Just keep in mind that character design is very opinionated (but there is still right and wrongs). I understand that this is  a pre-existing species... But the species as a whole suffer from gratuitous overdesigning. (like why two pairs of ears and horns? It makes the design look uncomfortably top heavy) 
However, given the species restrictions and what has to be included, you did a great job. She’s very cute and easy on the eye (wish I could say the same for some other nekojin), whilst not letting one forget that she is in fact a demon (or monster). 

You style is very cute and I can easily see that with some minor improvement, you drawings can go from good to fantastic!
cococolors Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2018  Student General Artist
Thank you very much for the help. I will try to add more contrast in my designs in the future. I didn't really like the two ears idea but that is indeed a species requirement, I don't usually copy and paste but I was in the last 12 hours of the myo at 1 am rushing *death*, Almost all of it was mirrored but the leg eyes are the most prominent,I also do believe I did a bit too much with the design. Thank you so much for the help!

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