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Tut: Curve Tool Tutorial (Updated!!!)

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A tutorial for KamiNoDarkWolf! This tutorial doesn't just apply to firealpaca either! Most digital art programs have some kind of bezier tool and they all work pretty much the same way. (Yes, all of them. Even MSPaint.)

Edit: TOTALLY forgot about the reset button (snap settings). For those of you who aren't used to how the snap settings work in FireAlpaca, it is the last button to the right in the snap section. I also marked it on the tutorial. Once you've finished your line and are happy with it, hit this button to start placing points in a new line! Thank you to E-Matt for pointing it out!

Edit 2: People have been asking this a lot, so I thought I should clarify - if you are ever missing tools in FireAlpaca, you probably just don't have the newest version. This tutorial only works if you are running version 1.51 or later. (It might be 1.50 but I might be mistaken. I did this in version 1.52 but it has been around for the last couple of updates.) Let me know if you have any other questions!

For other languages use the flags at the top right to switch to the appropriate language. English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, and Russian versions available (flags from left to right).

Art and Tutorial (c) me, cocobunnie
Character (c) Aven12
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I've been trying to figure out how to use this tool for over a year... thank you so much.

Now I can actually draw smooth curves lol--

Sorry, how do you reset the snap? I just don't see any kind of reset button and I know I have the newest version. I'm very confused, heheh
EDIT: I literally found it the moment I went back over to firealpaca -_-' Never mind, and thanks for this great tutorial!
cocobunnie's avatar
there is a little circle to the far right of the snap menu! click on that while one of the snaps is active and it will reset that tool. :D

I answered this after reading the question but it may be handy so ill leave the answer!
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Ok so, I have been using medibang for a YEAR and just realized this tool existed. I have been doing line-art the hard way the whole time and have to say thank you! Your tutorial helped me harness the power of the curve!

cocobunnie's avatar
I was so glad when they added this tool I almost cried I'm glad I could help someone else find the beauty that is the curve tool!!!!!!
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How do I curve a text in medibang paint on the iPad Pro? I can’t seem to figure that out.
thank you.
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Currently there isn't a set way to do it easily with a tool, but there is a way to do it using the mesh transform tool!!!! (I know for a fact FA has this though I am not positive medibang has it - it's a little weird where they do and dont line up. If it does not have a mesh transform than there is no quick way, I apologize. D:>)

Broke it into steps so that it hopefully makes a lil more sense

1. Make a circle/ellipse with your desired amount of curve (if you're not curving it to the edge of something)
2. Set the transform tool to lock center and scale up to the desired final size. Lower its opacity. (If you're using the circle snap to make the circle you can also use the radial snap to make spokes coming out of the center to help line up your text better! And then adjust the scale using the transform tool to make an ellipse.)
3. On another layer, write/draw your text
4. Mesh transform the text layer with 1 row and however many columns you need. (about 1 every 2-3 characters, spaces included. use 1 column and multiple rows if curving vertical text)
5. Align the bottom of the transform with the smaller curve, and the top of the transform with the bigger curve, eyeballing the spacing on the larger curve. (Here's where those spokes you made come in handy.)
6. Delete the template/tracing line and you're done!

You can see me using this method to curve text here:

I'll make a proper tutorial for this later and post it to my youtube!
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Omg this helped me so much
Thanks ;D
cocobunnie's avatar
You're very welcome!!! :D
scxndxl's avatar
Sending hugs your way bc this helped so much :heart:
cocobunnie's avatar
Glad to hear it!
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Tysm for this tutorial! I was trying for ages and I could never figure out how to end a curve! Btw this works for medibang too!
cocobunnie's avatar
I'm glad it helped! :D
And yeah, medibang is super handy and all of my resources work for it too WHICH IS RAD
tekkoterror's avatar
thank you i was freaking over that reset button!
cocobunnie's avatar
no worries boo i got u <3
dearru's avatar
Thank saved my life ; v ;
cocobunnie's avatar
You're very very welcome!!! :D
cocobunnie's avatar
xKatesDeviantartx's avatar
thanks! I've always wanted to know what the curve snap was for and how to use it-
cocobunnie's avatar
I'm glad I could help!~ :D
JustMidorita's avatar
How do you do this for medibang, though?..
cocobunnie's avatar
I'm not that familiar with medibang as I only have it for my tablet (which does not have the curve tool), but I believe it should be in the top row as well? I do apologize!
soymilk-art's avatar
Thanks for this!
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