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This is hideously embarrassing, as someone who's more than familiar enough with technology and a Mac user since the dawn of time (unless work circumstances forced me to use anything else) and only JUST TODAY learned about the '2-finger technique' to scroll down. Let the mockery commence. Just one of those things.

This got me thinking about all of these very basic, some slightly more complicated, life skills that would have been far more beneficial to learn in high school in lieu of things like Algebra, Geometry, and a few history classes which were entertaining at best but only serve me when I'm playing Trivial Pursuit.

I would have been thrilled had they required us to learn things like:
*Balancing checkbooks. An easy one, you'd think; but some people still haven't grasped it yet. As much as I love online banking, you still can't beat a paper trail for cross-referencing.
*Changing a tire and/or oil. Critical. AAA is a godsend sometimes, but for something like this you don't want to have to pay a service station.
*Filling out tax forms. There's still time for schools to implement this. I can't think of a single person who hasn't had to do this and sometimes, you have no idea what the hell you're doing. Or at least, I didn't.
*Unclogging a sink/plunging a toilet. You laugh, but people still don't know how to do this. The sink is not as easy, I realize; but takes only a bit more cajoling.  But I've had more experience with the latter than I'd care to remember; I worked in a hotel. Not even as a housekeeper. That's what happens when the staff has gone home and a guest has issues with both bowel control and being completely clueless after hours.
*Making calls to customer service of any kind and being clear and firm as well as kind. DMV, EDD, phone companies, the cable companies (lord help me) etc etc etc. Does this really need further explanation?

I'm sure the list could go on and on. And will. But for now...I need to think about what other life skill I'll use tomorrow, or even later. Hopefully, I won't have to figure out how to remove fibrous wallpaper without leaving a terrible, rippy mess that will require even more work later. Home Depot FAQ? Brilliant.
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Submitted on
March 1, 2011