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here it is! my tutorial :)

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Nossa meu senho e conseguir nesse nível de arte! 
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Thank you for tutorial. I'll try this technique.
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XD saw it and was like oooh long horizontal we have a rebel XD :3
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Thank you this is really helpful!
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Veo que el photoshop está en español, así que de seguro hablas ese idioma, una pregunta, que tiempo llevas en la ilustración digital? tengo como 7 meses y siento que no avanzo nada. también,qué tableta grafica tienes?
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pues desde hace como 9-10 años :) pero seriamente desde hace 7, utilizo la wacom-bamboo :)
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gracias por reponder.
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Genial, gracias
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Disculpa, yo suelo hacer mis dibujos en escala de grises, luego uso otro layer de color en "multiply" Pero pese a que la escala de grises si se fusiona, mis colores quedan opacos, y usualmente tengo que volver a colorear de cualquier forma. Algún consejo?
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Hola! en vez de poner la linea en modo normal, y los colores en multiply, puedes probar a hacerlo al reves;
poner la linea en modo multiplicar,  y debajo, las capas de color, en modo normal :)
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Beautiful, and great tutorial!
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thanks for the tutorial. it helps! :)
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never thought to use the gradient map for colors very insightful tutorial ty.
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Awesome way of working!
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When I looked at the thumbnail I thought it was a carrot :P

That's an interesting way of colouring, I'll have to try that :)
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Guau, gracias por el tuto, ayuda bastante!
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Hello !
I find this tutorial and I have a question. I tried to do a work with grey color base, like this but how did you color it. I don't understand the "I use the gradient map for the color", how did you do, is your brush on a special mode (you know saturated, lighten, product (I don't know the word in english, sorry) ?
YOu work is great in any case, thank you for sharing your technics ^^ !
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there is an option in photoshop: IMAGE-ADJUST-GRADIENT MAP,you must select the part you want to color, when is selected, you can go to the gradient map and choose the colors, it's so simple ^^
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Thank you very much for this answer !!!!
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Very helpfull! Thanks!
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you are welcome!!:D
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