Pass this on, Hacker Alert/DA deletion is FAKE

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(brining this back out from 2015 because it's going around again)


This has been going around for a long time, it's fake, and honestly I can't believe people are still passing this around.
 No hackers won't ignore you just because you post a journal spreading the news. 

About the 'Thomas Hacker'Shashamon 32 minutes ago  Uh, I wouldn't be too afraid of this guy if I where you. Because I made this as a parody of the hacker paranoia that runs rampant on this site. I didn't even make it as a practical joke, I thought that people would see how silly it was and get a good laugh out of it. I in no way meant for this to be taken seriously, and I'm really sorry if I caused any fear. Though I do find it ironic that it ended up becoming the very thing that it was made to parody. I did not mean for it to take on a life of it's own. I am sending this to everyone that posted this in their journal before this thing grows out of hand.
So there you go, straight from the horse's mouth. It's a hoax. Now stop worrying and relax.

Please delete the journal you have to stop spreading the rumor and share this one instead

If there was something like this going on, deviantart would take care of it by  posting a statement about this or by another administration action.

Also DA isn't deleting accounts

DeviantART Deleting AccountsThere appears to be a new rumour flying around in various journals and comments that deviantART will be deleting accounts.  The information seems to be spreading using messaging similar to what is here:
On 21 of may, deviantart will be deleting all accounts. Not plz accounts. accounts ,  But just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly may happen in the future. If we find this message on your deviantID, journal, etc. We will know that your not fake.
Thank you for listening
-deviantart staff 
First, allow me to reiterate that there is no truth to this.  DeviantART would never convey information this way and official information is always posted through hq
If you are being spammed with false information, feel free to hide and block the user and report them to the Help Desk.
So what will happen on May 21st? Happy you asked!
May 21st

Read here for some more information and tips to be safe online.
About hackers on DA and what you can do"Hacker alerts" are pretty common around DA and it has been for a long time. Journals warning you that there is a hacker loose at DA and will hack your account if you don't copy the journal and re-post it.
Some variations can be: "There is a hacker that will block all your friends, leave nasty comments on other's profiles, will deactivate your account, will get you in trouble with the staff, etc." another could be "Don't watch *insert deviant's name here* because they will give you a virus if you do" there are a lot more variations, but you get the idea. These journals always end with something like "If you read this warning, spread the word and share it with your friends so they won't be the hacker's next victim!"
I know, reading something like this can make you feel terrified and you might feel compelled to spread the word, you don't want you friends to be victims of this terrible hacker!
People re-post these journals with good intentions, trying to warn others about this alleged hac

<da:thumb id="572510614"/>

The Hacker is Fake. Here's proof. by Wikerstervolski
Thanks @Wikerstervolski for sharing this screenshot.

Any questions or concerns contact CocoaAndTea or contact the Deviantart help desk

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Thank you for the news. I spread the word so more will know. We shouldn't be living under fear of this.
kawaiimarshmallowkit's avatar
Good to know this is fake, me and a few of my friends/watchers shared the chain letter because we actually believed there was a hacker at first >.<
Heidi-Sky-Blues's avatar
Wait, i thought chainmails are only that clarissa chainmail
(btw i never shared those kind of chainmails and this too)
Aquapoison's avatar
Yeah. I tried to tell everyone it was chain...

But seriously....How does that work even?

"Ahahah 'm going to hack this guy!"

"Oh no! They know that I exist! That is a danger even though I can still hack his acc and this makes no sense!"
CocoaAndTea's avatar
ikr? And some people think I'm part of a conspiracy with DA staff spreading lies about the situation lol.
Wikerstervolski's avatar
I told the admins about the hackers that people fabricated once, this was their response.
The Hacker is Fake. Here's proof. by Wikerstervolski
CocoaAndTea's avatar
Do you mind if I included this screenshot on the journal?
Wikerstervolski's avatar
I don't mind. Go ahead. :)
CocoaAndTea's avatar
thank you for sharing this
EverfterFan's avatar
Ok thank you so much. I had NO idea what to do. :)
MasterPerryMartin's avatar
I never ever got the whole "repost this journal so the hacker will leave you alone" nonsense. Surely, that would make the supposed hacker TARGET you instead, right? As a sort of "NOTHING WILL SAVE YOU" scare tactic. So it's not only asinine, it wouldn't even be all that helpful in an ACTUAL example of this happening. Plus, the more people who glorify this fictional hacker, the more likely there will be at LEAST one guy who will go, "...What if I actually DID that?"
Animatedobjectsshows's avatar
Exactly, it's pretty stupid. Like "Oh, this person knew about me. You win this but I can totally still hack other dweebs! Lol."
No. How is it preventable?

Nothing. Hackers are rare, why see so many warnings without proof!? Honestly, their isn't really a solution to prevent hacking, you can change your password, but theirs little-to-no differences. It just happened. Hackers can chose randomly who to hack and find out what your password is. We obviously never share passwords, check. But what else? Nothing else we could do.
MasterPerryMartin's avatar
Sadly, outside of simple stuff like "not telling passwords", the best security we can hope for is on DA's part itself...which is just a little bit worrying, but to be fair there haven't been any major gaps in the armour for a while now. Outside of their impressively poor moderation staff (and Core being...well, Core), most of DA's problems and reputation seems to come from the content, not the framework, if you know what I mean.
Animatedobjectsshows's avatar
Yeah, simple stuff...
And, I almost didn't get what you mean.
MasterPerryMartin's avatar
Well, no-one ever complains about how DeviantART works, like people do with Facebook. They mock the sort of output of the users on there. 
AskError87's avatar
And this is exactly why things like Game Theory exist.
MasterPerryMartin's avatar
Oh boy, that is very much a different conversation altogether...
phantomania-master's avatar
And this is why you should always be sceptical
PencilDraws789's avatar
Thanks for doing this, I won't get any false hacker alerts anymore :D
Honorary-Clown's avatar
Ahh god,

I am not a fan of hacker journals...
CocoaAndTea's avatar
Yeah I hate people who try to troll other with that. Making the scared and putting them into a false sense of security because they think a journal will stop a hacker.
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