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Strength and Submission II

By Coco-1982
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Most of the time when the models come over for a shoot they bring a little suitcase full of clothes, lingerie and swimsuits to wear on set. If we don't like anything they have, we give them things to wear.

Michelle had this funny necklace in her little rolling suitcase, she didn't know the word in English but she was trying to say it was like a 'Ball Gag', she demonstrated by putting it in her mouth.

She really loved having her picture taken, she was totally hot for the camera. She didn't need instructions, but she liked getting them. She'd keep asking, "is this position okay" and looking at the photographer from under her lashes, teasing him, tempting him to come closer. She'd say things like,"I really love to be tied up, it gets me so wet. I love to be gagged, see..."

She sucked on the red ball, then slid it over her pussy and spread her legs tempting us to look and see how turned on she was.

Strong, submissive or actually both? With Michelle you may think you're in charge, but she's really getting exactly what she wants.

Imagine you were there taking the photos, would you have given in and given her what she was asking for?

Full set is on our website :-) XOXO Coco
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you need to start posting the models ages on these images. they look clearly underage.
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Can I just say wow!
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She is amazing!
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The model is beautiful. Porn yes. So, what. Porn can be artful too.
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she's so beautifull! great choice in model
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I like it, the way Deviantart become a pornsite. Love the porn, like the pic, good description, good job.
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and her vagina is the most amazing work of art i've ever seen. so small! lucky!!!
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heck yes i would have. how could i ever meet this beautiful thing. :D
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She is extremely beautiful. The pose is a little bit too explicit for what I would call fine art but it's definitively beautiful, and the choices of lighting were great.
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Phenomenal ...
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