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Please refer to these guidelines when using my stock photos. Thank you :)

:bulletred: NO commercial use (this includes, but is not limited to: commissions, prints, contests, YouTube channels with sponsors).
:bulletred: You are allowed to upload your finished work outside of deviantart.
:bulletred: You are not allowed to use my photos for any form of hate art or sexually explicit work.
:bulletred: NO horse manipulations
:bulletred: Please credit me, linking back is not required.

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Hello!! So I was wondering if I could use your stock images as images for my lion RP site? Not manipulating them or anything, just using a few as backgrounds for different things - I just wanted to double check and make sure. It doesn't seem to be against your rules, but I figure it's best to ask! ^-^ All images used would be linked in my Credits thread in my Guidebook, for everybody to see, with you credited as the person who took them/owns them.

I took a screenshot of one of the things I'd like to use your stock for, with your "Eternal Winter III" as the background, so you can see exactly what I mean ^-^. Just simple use!