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Vincent Valentine

So here is, finally and long overdue, the finished version of my Vincent Valentine perler bead sprite :love:
Here is a process shot: Vincent Valentine - Process by Aenea-Jones
Here is the first part finished, pre-ironing: Vincent Valentine [Part 1] by Aenea-Jones
And here it is hanging on my wall in good company: My Wall by Aenea-Jones

The size is 72cm in height and 65cm in width. So yeah, it's pretty big :meow:

It's based on the awesome sprite by :iconabysswolf: here: VII by AbyssWolf

Feel free to look at my Etsy shop: Heart 

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One of the best characters in the Final Fantasy universe even though my personal ranking changes all the time with this xD game
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Makes me remissness on his game Dirge of Cerberus! I wish I had a copy to play now!!  
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waw vicent valentine, its design is amazing
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Love this! and thx for the Llama
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Do you sell these!?!?!?!?!?
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Not the big ones, only some smaller ones in my Etsy shop ^^
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May i get a link to said etsy shop?  * . *
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It's on my profile ^^
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You're really good at that!  Wow!
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omg i love it!!!!!
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Awesome, but I think you have too much time on your hands. : ) Just kidding. I always am amazed on how you make these. How long do they take you from the small ones to the larger ones?
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I don't know tbh, I never really look at the time plus I do other things too and slack off a lot :D But maybe an hour or so for the smaller ones like Pokemon, up to several hours for the mid-sized pieces (like Link + Zelda) and there is no hard cap for the really big ones like this... depends on how fast I work and that depends on my mood :D
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Wow, this is amazing!! Your pixel art is SUPER cool. They look so 3D. . . :D
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This is awesome! :D
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These are amazing!!!
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It's so amazing! It feels like the game came to life! :D

The tears on him look amazing as well. It feels organic, rather than blocky.
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