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Snowland III

Not the right season, I know :D

Nikon D5300.
Credit if you use it ^^
Purchasing will give you a 4498 x 3002 version :) (Smile)

Other Winter Photos:

        Winter has come by Aenea-Jones Winter Trees by Aenea-Jones  Snowland by Aenea-Jones  Wall of White by Aenea-Jones Some rise, some fall II by Aenea-Jones
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Love, love, love this!
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This is soooo pretty!
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Absolutely gorgeous:wow:
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such a beautiful scene. I wish snow come to my hometown. I love snow very much *thumbs up beautiful capture my friend ;) you rock!
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very beautiful image - really like the sense of stillness and the contrast of the dark track and tree truks
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I love how trees look when their branches are lined with snow. Once the snow on my tree melted and refroze, and gave it the most uniquely beautiful look, but I don't think anyone got a picture of it, unfortunately.
DiamondsAndRoses's avatar
It's amazing how winter can be so beautiful.
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Absolutely gorgeous!! This is my idea of paradise! :D
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What a gorgeous photo :)
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Beautiful photo!
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Beautiful capture. If you add about six more feet of snow it would be more like where I live. ;-)
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Oh sorry, I just read that they are photos taken with the Nikon. Sorry, lad. I'm still not sure if the Cyntiq is what I need for top notch, crackerjack, high quality digital art to transfer onto my t-shirts..??? Help...???
So, these are all HAND drawn by you?? I mean, I'm new to digital art, and Im this close to purchasing a $999.00 Wacom Cyntiq 13HD Touch. Yes, I know an Inturo or something like that is good for beginners, but I want an excellent quality without breaking my bank account. I want to transfer my art onto t-shirts. Do you all think i should buy the Cyntiq?? 
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Beautiful stock! :)
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It's really sharp, and that's why I love it
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Walking in a Winter Wonderland.
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If only west Texas had trees like these :)
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