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This is one of the many flower-related shots I did yesterday on our local graveyard :)

Nikon D5300.
Credit if you use it ^^
Purchasing will give you a 5842 x 4002 version :) (Smile)

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The water drop looks like a little gemstone :D
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Sanguine is just that!  Nice work.  By the way do you frequent graveyards?  Fine if you do.  I do myself occasionally.
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Fascinating to look at! The vanishing perspective of the petals and the focus on the dewdrop is brilliant!
Wow, that dewdrop looks so much like a jewel.
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Interesting work ^^
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Visually wonderful.
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Interesting flower.
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This is beautiful! Heart 
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gorgeous shot :heart:
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Someone needs to write a poem about this.
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Beautiful capture!
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Nice shot! :love: 

New leaf blood?


Red Wine/White wine?

Shirley temple? 

Vermilion tragedy?

Pomegranate Runoff? Pomegranate seed?

Tear from the Queen of Hearts?

Just some thoughts! :)
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Came up with a couple off the top of my head:

The Tears of a Flower

Scarlett Dew Drops

The Scarlett Beauty's Tears

A Scarlett Red Dew-Drop Kiss

Love's Rejuvinating Tears

A Dew-Drop stained Red

Springs Bloodied Kiss

Springs Heavenly Kiss

The Tears of a Rose

The Beauty of Tainted Tears
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Rosie Drop

How about that? Good pic BTW.
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Hell's Dew? IDK.
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Nature's tears :)
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