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Ravus Nox Fleuret

So handsome... :faint:

The Journey Begins by Aenea-Jones  A Light in the Dark by Aenea-Jones  Ravus Nox Fleuret II by Aenea-Jones  Tenebrae by Aenea-Jones  Royal Power by Aenea-Jones  Vacation with Friends II by Aenea-Jones
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does anyone know.. why he ends like "that"? I mean.. why the mutation?
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Because of the Starscourge (parasyte particles that turn humans into daemons).
The whole facility in the end was devoid of humans because they were turned into daemons. 
When you explore the area, you can find 3 or 4 data files explaining what happened.
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Aww... What a bad end for Ravus 😔 I really liked him, brings Sephiroth to mind
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He is. And he's really tall too. Tall guys are awesome.
His fight is super long tho (and you're painfully aware of how dumb AI companions are :C).
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Anime hair represented realistically. :O_o:
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Ditto.... I think I've fainted.

(He looks like an older Sephiroth, from Final Fantasy VII ... HOT!!!!)
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lol! First thing I thought was, he looks like a mixture of Sephiroth and Caius Ballad... he certainly brings Sephiroth to mind :meow:
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It must be the silver hair.... :plotting: mmmm.... silver hair.....
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right? there's not enough fic on him!
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Is there even any? I found only one on ffn. *oliver twist mode on* please sr, I want more
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haha! I know of a couple and I think I know the one on ffnet you're talkin about!
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He's my favorite!Nod Love 
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Final Fantasy 15 is fantastic! Unlike most people online, I'm taking my time with the game to enjoy it ^^
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Me too! :)
I'm still at chapter 3 and the side-quests keep coming! :)
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I'm glad that the Final Fantasy games are one of the series that you can easily sink hundreds of hours into lol
Almost beat the game now, because having 3 days off in a row will do that xDDD, and I'm still loving it ^^
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