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Mister and Missis.

I love big cats. Lynx are really beautiful :love:
From my trip to an animal park.

Nikon D5300.
Credit me if you use it ^^
Purchasing will give you a 6002 x 3733 version :) (Smile)

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Don’t mind us, we just chillin’

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make them s and s
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for some reason i remembered (wrongly) that Lynxes had unusually short legs... and actually was the opposite, theirs are unusually long for felines standards... sort like if they are the "hares" of the cats world :P but probably the super fluffly fur and the great number of pics in which they are half-leg in the snow tricked me XD 

besides, beautiful pic :D
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Maybe you were confusing them with Bobcats, I think those have shorter legs :)
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but still, i think most of times i personally believed that was cause 90% of lynxes pics are of em half submerged in snow, so the legs look short and super thick xD even when they aren't bobcats :P

(i can't believe i argued for an hour over this with my brother for an hour instead of simply looking wikipedia XD)

fact is that in my language or the lynx species are simply variations of the "Lince" word :)
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that's the bobcat?

oh ok, got it!

basically it's still a lynx :D

would you know, i was sort of right while being wrong (lolwhat) if i understood well, they are still lynxes, but they are basically that

one species with short legs, while others have longer ones xD
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bobcaats bobcats... uhm wait i need a encyclopedia

(or rather wikipedia) XD 
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I've never seen Lynx any color other than white/grey. Very cool!
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Posers 😁
Great shot! 
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How beautiful...what an awesome captureHeart 
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So pretty! ^v^ Fluffy too!  Very nice.
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who doesn't love big cats? Great Picture!!
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khajits are pleased
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Simply magnificent!
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can you give us some LYNX to a source XD
Bod cats best looking right after the tiger
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Wonderful shot!
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No moon sugar here officer, khajiit swears.
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Favorite animal. Very cool shot. (:
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