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Horizon: Zero Dawn V

By Coccineus
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Still uploading these :meow:
I know those game screenshots aren't very "artistic", as in a original creation that took time and effort, but considering some of the "art" you find on this website these days (bad nude selfies or fetish stuff for example), I think it's totally acceptable to upload these wallpapers. At least they are beautiful images others enjoy, not some offensive material :)
And in-game photography can be seen as an art form itself! :heart:
At least it's a nice change from all the nude women you see on here.


Horizon: Zero Dawn by Aenea-Jones   Horizon: Zero Dawn IV by Aenea-Jones   Skyrim Sunset by Aenea-Jones   Skyrim Sunset III by Aenea-Jones   Skyrim by Aenea-Jones   Skyrim II by Aenea-Jones
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Seamlessly done!! :clap: !!! Congrats on your well Earned DD!

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Nice and clean work. Really appreciate!!!


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Well you got 6k views for it so that can't be bad.

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no way for create something like this for a game its so much effort and concept true art!
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I agree. I feel game screenshots like this are perfectly fine to upload. There are some people who use this website like a second Facebook with their "photography" they post. I do think nude and fetish photos can be artistic, but the stuff you find on here have no effort put into them, they're taken with crappy cameras, in a horrible light, in their bathroom or bedroom, with tags that just scream all they're looking for is attention. I've even seen those same people who post that same stuff bash the drawings of people who are like, 10 years old, it's obvious the person is still developing their drawing skills, and these same people bash them. Makes me sick. 

So yeah, post these beautiful pictures of screenshots in games. I consider it art... At least it's more artistic than selfies taken in a mirror of someone with their legs spread with fingers in places, looking like they got it off of a popular adult site. 
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Superb and totally agree. Somebody took their time and effort to create these artworks as well. Behind every CGI or game scene there is an artist and they are making their best effort to express their artfullness and program it into the game.
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very nice Cool Emoticon Love Bravo #2
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This is gorgeous! Amazing work!
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Awwwwnnnnnnn Heart Heart Heart 
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