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Deviation Actions

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:bulletblue: PLEASE LEAVE A NOTE OR A COMMENT AT THE PICTURE , but not on the front
page if you have used some of my stock


me when you do so.

:bulletblue: Please do not use any of my images outside of deviantART without my permission first.

:bulletblue: You need my permission for commercial use of my stocks.

:bulletblue: DON'T PUT MY STOCK UP FOR SALE!!!!

If you do not want to show that you have used my brushes, stock or PSD.files
with a link, author name, etc. for various reasons, then i kindly ask that you make
a payment of $30 USD per pack or set to Wendy(at) on Paypal as a copyright removal.

:bulletblue: PLEASE LINK BACK TO MY STOCK ACCOUNT in your image description.

:bulletblue: Manipulate them as much as you can! BE CREATIVE! change the image!
create a whole world for it! not just tone or some Photoshop filter. PLEASE put some effort in
your deviations.. you know what I mean.

:bulletblue: DON'T...go and create your own brushes made from my wings and claim them as yours!!!

© 2008 - 2021 cocacolagirlie
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Hi, is it ok to use in a photo I want to post to Flickr?
Hello, I'm wondering if i could get your rights to use your stocks for my arts with commercial purpose.
I sent you a note with all details some days ago, please return me back something!
Thanks ^^
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Sending you a note for request also [link]
oi eu eu cahei linda as suas asas para usar comercialmente a licença é US$ 15;00
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may I use those wings in a peice that will be posted on ? you will be fully credited. thanks!
Hello, Can I use your wings please?
In Love Kaja
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Do you allow the use of your brushes for premade backgrounds?
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Hi, i want to use yout stock (link) for a composing in a contest on (big german grafic community, no commercial use). Is it ok, when i use your picture? You will be linked and credited. Greetings
cocacolagirlie's avatar
If the credit is there it's fine by me ;)
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Read the rule and they are clear as glass,Thank you :)
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i was wondering if i could use a pair of your wings for a "how to Dvd cover" my friend is a balloon artist and wants me to make her an art peace...just wanted your permission first. is that cool?
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Oh my... I hope I remember what your account is if I ever decide to use your stock. Sometimes I just save stock images and then not use them for a long time, and when I do finally use them, I can't remember where it came from.
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Could I use this on
District-12-Tribute's avatar
It won't be anti-religious but is it ok for me to use for a character from a project I am working on that is a god (a Cupid to be precise)
Coralie-Soul's avatar
Could I use them on
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Hi. Your work is gorgeous! I am a scrap kit designer and was wondering if I can use this set in my kit. It is commercial use. I noticed that your rules stated we can't sell, but then I saw where CU needs your permission. I always credit and would be happy to send the finished product to you to okay and add your link in my TOUs.

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Hi there, as i say in my stock rules. I rather
would love it if you didn't sell them.
I allready had some problems with other,
scrap kit designers that sold them without permission.
If you want to go out and sell them
you'd have to buy the commercial license of them.

Photoshop Brushes, PSD.files, Image Packs: $5.00 per set
If you buy the commercial license, you don't
have to credit but Note: Purchasing a commercial license
does NOT give you the right to redistribute or sell my
resources “as-is”. That is the only limitation, however.

Once you are ready to purchase your licenses, email me
the following information:

•Your name, or the name that you would like on the legal
PDF document if it is not your own
•Which set(s) you are purchasing the rights to

You will receive a PDF document that has the names of the sets
on it, your name, my name, etc… giving you legal rights to use
them. This PDF will be sent to your PayPal address unless you
email me separately or specify a different email address for it to be sent to.

Greetzz Wendy
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Okay. Thanks for getting back to me. I will be happy to purchase a CU license from you. I will do it soon. Your work is incredible :)
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hey man, I can use some of their stocks?
cocacolagirlie's avatar
If you credit's fine by me :nod:
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ohh, thanks, will place the credits and a link to your DA
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Lovely wings! I'm drawing a picture and i saw one of the stock photo's, is it alright if I use the outline of the wings but change the design in the middle?
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