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'Swirls of Music'

You don't have to but it would be nice if you :+fav: or :+favlove: when you download this Wallpaper.
- Download for 1680x1050

I didn't like my 'Winged Music' so much, so i messed a bit around and this is what it looks like now ;)

Bass: [link] by :iconcharadestock:
3D Strings: [link] by :iconflamix:
Swirls I: [link] by :iconredheadstock:
Swirls II: [link] by :iconsolenero73:

Thanks to all :hug::glomp:

The work contained in my gallery is copyrighted©2005-2009 Cocacolagirlie. All rights reserved. My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published or transmitted in any way without my written permission. My work does not belong to the public domain. If you doubt this, feel free to email me:
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sky365plus's avatar
Honestly, That's The Best Musical Art I've ever seen in my Life!
Venkatesh241's avatar
awesome....dude ur creative thoughts
cocacolagirlie's avatar
Thanks...creativity is my middle name ;)
AbangZam's avatar
can u tell me, how do u crop the picture look so perfect
i really want learn it...most of your picture u crop it & make it yours...

your advice is so helpful....
cocacolagirlie's avatar
I don't know what you mean by 'crop' it....all of
my pieces are made in the orginal size?
AbangZam's avatar
i mean, u take the picture,for example guitar or girl without their backgroud at actual picture..
cocacolagirlie's avatar mean i cute them out....
Well if you have an background in one color
it's easy. Here's the tutorial: [link]
This is the way i do it most of the time.
In this piece only the guitar was cut-out. The rest are brushes.
AbangZam's avatar
actually, i do the same way with all my artwork..& im not satisfied with my work
one more, how do u make the picture look so shiny n bright?

very helpful....
cocacolagirlie's avatar
Try using the dodge and burn tool for the glossy look :nod:
Cutting out takes a lot of time, you really have to make it
big so you remove alll the small details....and well practice is
everything :D
AbangZam's avatar
what a good trick..thank you so much...
luvsjewels's avatar
Love the detail and colors ^_^..wut program did u use ?
cocacolagirlie's avatar
Adobe photoshop CS4, Thanks :love:
KLR620's avatar
This is amazing! Congrats on your published work, you deserve it. :hug: Kathy
cocacolagirlie's avatar
Thanks so much, i feel realy honoured :glomp::hug:
smiileyy's avatar
hey btw:
do you know your work is on this site? xD

cocacolagirlie's avatar
Yes i do...i gave them the permission.
Thanks for telling me though :hug:
smiileyy's avatar
okay :D

wow, weren't you happy? (:

I would be SOOOO happy if some of my work was on some page :)
cocacolagirlie's avatar
Yes, i was very happy, very happy that he had asked's fine as long as people ask me.
I'm featured on a lot of pages, but most of them (all) didn't ask me for my permission and that, in my eyes is still stealing.
smiileyy's avatar
Haha ^^ who wouldn't be :)

yes, that's right. :)
smiileyy's avatar
wee :D

amazing ^^ I love the fact that you used a bass :b I don't know if it's a mistake :b
but it looks nice anyway ^^

also that mix between the pretty flowers and those sci-fi metallic things :D :D very original and cool !

oh and if you haven't guessed, I'm gonna use it ^^
cocacolagirlie's avatar
Thanks so much for the lovely compliment...and i didn't know that it's a bass.
I don't know much about instruments :giggle:
smiileyy's avatar
You are welcome! :heart:

haha well okay ^^
but: 4 to 5 strings, then it's a bass, 6 strings and it a guitar :)
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