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Stock: Take Aim 5

Another photo by of a boy and his gun...
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10/39 second
Focal Length
8 mm
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I used your stock as references for this [link]
Thank you very much for sharing.
SilentHillSweetie's avatar
Thank you! Used it here: [link]
DokidokiYummychums's avatar
Super helpfulness! ^_^
VigilantViki's avatar
I used here: [link]
thanks :)
Art-chan's avatar
Used stock [link] Thanks!
impersonalinfo's avatar
anyone ever mention you look like billy corgan from this angle?
Mo8's avatar
used as reference for this [link]
Cornebus's avatar
nice stock

used it here :

CharleneApril's avatar
Thanks for such a cool photo to work with! Used here:

sparkpenguin's avatar
this is awesome, i'm wracking my brain to find a use for it and not pass it up. :D
xxx-sasuke-xxx's avatar
i used that stock and some of your others here: [link]

your stock is awesome! thanks and yeah... ^^
xxx-sasuke-xxx's avatar
god, your stocks are awesome! theyre just wjat im looking for for a new project im working on!
Shastania's avatar
You have a face that reminds me a bit of David Bowie in this photograph. Thanks for the mental images! XD Seriously, I love this photograph, not just as stock but also as a stand alone shot. It's dynamic and eye-catching and your expression has a nice "calm but ready to kick ass at a moment's notice" vibe to it.

Good work! :thumbsup:
Shardae's avatar

Used your stock. Thanks.
RogueAcid91's avatar
love the stock! used it here: [link]
ebonysoul's avatar
very cool!! probably will use it! I'll let you know when I do!! ;) :D
Polysics-Or-Die's avatar
Great Stock! I used it here:
demonicat's avatar
this picture made me laugh for some reason. :shrug:
Cobweb-stock's avatar
It usually makes me laugh when people don't notice that I'm actually aiming the gun, not firing it... ^^; My finger's not even on the trigger.
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Cobweb-stock's avatar
Taurus PT92 AF. Basically a Baretta 92AF, but you have to use better ammunition in it...

Um, so yes. Real. That's what you asked. Yes. ^^;
thelostzoo88's avatar
nice. it's such a pain in the ass to find good gun references.
Cobweb-stock's avatar
Also check out 's gallery. He's got a lot better arsenal than I do... :salute:
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