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Basic Information
Name: Afroze
Gender: Doe (female)
Age: 7
Height: 7 hh
Build: light
Phenotype: Grey(Wild Bay base)"
Genotype: EE/A+a/nG
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Design Sheet:

Magic Type: Water magic
Magic Level: Medium 12 [Master 30+]
Herbal Level: Basic

Fight Stats
Overall: 13
Speed: 9
Stamina: 4
Strength: 0
Experience: 0

+7 speed - Base bonus
+3 stamina - Base bonus
+0 strength - Base bonus
+10 magic - Starter bonus
+1 stamina- Starter bonus
+1 magic- Art RP
+1 magic- Literature RP
+1 speed- Art RP
+1 steed- Art RP
+1 magic- Art RP

Herd Information
Herd: Oakfern
Herd Position: Herd member

Personality: Afroze is a kind, loyal doe, even though she comes of as cold and uncaring. Until she warms up to you she will appear very with drawn and won't really acknowledge you. She is highly intelligent and isn't beyond trying to trick others into doing what she wants. Most of the time though she uses her intelligence in positive was though. Afroze loves the fawnlings that she gets close to but is always wary because she doesn't like to be hurt or to get her emotions get the better of her. It is hard to become friends or more then friends with her but once you do, you will be friends (or more then friends ;) (Wink) ) forever.
History: Afroze was born in the Oakfern herd. Currently she hasn't gone beyond the boundary of her Oakfern land but always dreamed of one day adventuring into the great unknown(she is a little bit of a troublemaker ;) (Wink) ) Afroze also hopes that one day she might fall in love with some strapping tall Stag who will treat her well. Also not to mention that she wants to try to develop her magic and herbarium skills.

Other Images/Literature:
Afroze and the magic. by Cobweb-Forests Decisions, DecisionsQuietly, Afroze walked around her personal section wondering, dreaming of what the future held for her. Would she continue following the path of water magic? Would she develop her herb skills? Afroze never knew when it came to big decisions, but for some reason or another, she felt magic was the path she wanted to go down and so she did.
Afroze walked down to the waters edge. She could feel that the water was moving, living, existing in a way even. Like an extension of herself. She loved the water, "without water nothing would be alive" she thinks to herself as she places a hoof into the water and tries to summon the strength to pull the water up into the shape of herself. This is one of Afroze's favorite things that she can do so far with her water magic. Every time she goes down towards the water she does this, It is something that she has always done, though normally she is only makings small little replicas of things. She would make little water fawnlings when she was lit
Midnight run by Cobweb-ForestsI think a storm is coming... by Cobweb-ForestsWater Walking by Cobweb-ForestsTeaching the Next Generation by Cobweb-Forests

Role Play:
Open! :)

None yet looking for a Oakfern stag :)
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She looks amazing!
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Would you be up for an Rp with Kaddik?… I'm working on redo-ing his stats and things a little but he's pretty much the same there.
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OMG YES! HE IS SOOOOO HANDSOME!!! What would the rp be about? I am looking to get another fawnling :) so maybe a romantic thing ;)? It is up to you though :)
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Haha ty. I'm up for anything really, I haven't played him much yet. If you'd like to pair them that's fine with me! Wanna RP over notes?
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Oh I would love it if they could pair! C: notes or Google docs is fine c: I can use either
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Aw, she looks like a sweetie-pie! If You ever fancy RPing with a grumpy old man my Iskanisk is always available :)
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Oh I would love to! What would the rp be about?
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Well, they're both Oakferns living in the caverns, so perhaps they could just bump into each other or something similar :)
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Yeah, that sounds awesome! c:
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awe now thats so adorable
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