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“Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!”

I love Anime and writing. Someday I'd like to write the scripts for original animation but for now I'm a writer-in-training creating worlds and characters and telling stories with them for my amusement. I'm always searching for people to collaborate with, especially visual artists; if you read something here that inspires you, I'd like to see what you make of it, or we can work together on something new. And I'm here to learn and help others learn. I want advice on how I can improve, I take on prompts and requests to sharpen my writing skills, and if you'd like a critique or some proofreading you only have to ask.

My 2022 avatar is a coin from the future, flipping as my fate is decided. This excellent piece was made by ChalklineChickadee as one of my prizes from a contest (check out the details below the piece, Talk and Lies) and I knew then I would use it for my next avatar. But yeah, I have this feeling like I'm in the air and don't know how I'll land. The general state of the world changed my hopes for last year and makes everything so much harder, but also I've got some things happening that feel like I could find a working path for myself with some luck. I haven't uploaded much here recently - yet I feel like more of a writer than ever after quitting my old material handling job several years ago and getting back into the habit of writing every day. I'm writing things I really like too, including some paid work! I don't feel like a true professional, but technically I might be? I probably have to pay taxes - from writing work! Wish me luck, and here's to a new year.

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Hi! Here is your 10x10cm Native Bird Painting for CRITMAS:

Superb Fairy Wren final

Nice, thank you

Thanks for the feedback on my story! It's always nice to get a new perspective. :)

You're very welcome. Keep up the good work!

Hi, we're in a group together for the CRITMAS project :)

Hello team, let's do our best :)