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Thanks for adding my artwork to your Gallery!!
PAID 104.51 for SERPENTOR / CLASSIFIED 3 times
( PLUS is 54.07 + 86.49 x 3) = 313.53 total 

now i just have to repaint TOMAX AND XAMOT from classified , CRIMSON AND BLACK
Just started my own group, which will feature a collection of creative shots of figures from all toy lines by various artists, such as Sailor Moon and other anime lines, GI Joe, Planet Of The Apes, et all. The page can be found here, if anyone is interested in joining.…
Joined! Looks great!
felt like doing some fan art after having re-read several classic G.I. Joe issues this past weekend...
Destro Baroness Storm Shadow fan art by csuhsux
Love it! Great rendering on the Baroness' uniform. All black uniforms are tough to pull off. 
Well I had attempted to put my vehicles in the vehile group, but for some reason they ended up in the Cobra group. Doh! Sorry about that.