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(Added (green) locations from West to East by nation according to the avatar cycle)
Water tribes:
Karrio Village: Like Hakota village, it is small and mostly reliant on fishing.
Akara Village: At the edge of the antarctic plains, aquaria village is the main source of land animals of the southern water tribe.
Aquora City: Although it is the largest city at the south pole, it is no match to its northern sister tribe. Nonetheless, it is the main export of the south pole.
Isleka Village: In protection from the south pole capital, it is larger, but still is simple and fishing-based.

Earth kingdom:
FumaBu Town: A small town mostly reliant on fishing salmon-trout and occasionally land animals as well.
Mosho City: A simple city with business in trade with worldwide and multicultural foods and objects.
Chima Valley: The fertile valley is mostly used by villagers to farm.
Rojono: A larger town than Chima, but used for the same purpose. It was originally used as a port for the fire nation in the war.
Skypeak mnts. A plateau of sheer heaven-reaching mountains that are barely maneuverable let alone touched by civilization.
MiaMell Town: A calm and happy town with an economy of forestry and timber.
Sandlocke City: The capital, largest, and only recognized sandbender city. A renowned trading spot for goods among sandbenders.
Huru Town: A "normal" agricultural town with a nice market.
Valu River gates: gates guarding the eastern enterence to the Valu river to prevent enemy and pirate entrance.
Crownlai City: A modern metropolis with a flourishing economy including trade, fishing, and hunting.
Miamora Island: A tropical island with all-year tourism. It is known around the world as one of the most successful and popular resorts.
Plainville: Although it is on a well-traveled trade route, is is not modern, but rather old and has an economy reliant of the abundant fauna of the area.
Cape Binamon City: A suburbanized area with considerate tourism. It has an economy of timber that grows in the area.

Fire Nation:
Sunset city: An out-of-the-way tourist based city. Famouse for being the westernmost city in the world.
Mt. Vulcore: The largest of the tree active volcanoes of the fire nation.
Vistaview City: A nice city with many things to be done. It has no certain economy.
Konaru: An industrialized city like its neighbor, but its citizens are less finically prosperous.

Air Nomads:
Whale Tail Village: Located far from the main air temple of the Southern air nomads, its comprised of mostly passer-bys. It is similar to Kyoshi island villages.
Northern Air Temple: Although it is still similar to before the war, many of the immigrants from the great war live near the main temple in neighboring ones.
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Where did you get the names for those southern water tribe villages.