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[DL] Owl

Is a simple mode, have i think 12 or 15 flex (I can't remember)

Bodygroup wings folded and open, you won't see the "Ring" when you use the faceposer because it doesn't have eyes so press click on the face and start editing

Also...I don't wanna hear jokes about "WHO" :iconmanfaceplz:
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Where is the download link for this model, where  are the links for all the models ?
under fav button on pc is there.
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I wonder why nobody's made a model for Gummy...that little gator character.
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So happy right now. Owloicious is best
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good job i wish i had gmod :(
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Adiyudha-99's avatar
where's da download ? :c
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Hey Gonzalolog here the picture that i said about it. [link]
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owlycious, is the pet of twilight
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Looks like hes a real Hoot
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Oh cool, it can even double as the owl from NiGHTS :P
TheYoshiPunch's avatar
finally you made owl i decided i make a picture of Sniper with his and Twilight one.
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Owilicious.... in GMOD? What is the world coming to?!
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Hooting around at the speed of sound
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yeah I was joking
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