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Red Cloak

30min. spitpaint, Photoshop CC2017. Some late-night warm-ups...should've made the cloak more flowy lol.
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This really makes me think of sword singing in the Elder Scrolls, which allows warriors to create a kind of magical blade with their mind which is incredibly powerful, (like the top is sinking a small continent powerful)


Lore vid by Hello Future Me:

Title: Who were the Redguard Jedi Order? The Sword-Singers [ Hammerfell l Elder Scrolls 6 ]


Stuff like this in Elder Scrolls 6 would be cool i think, lone sword singer hero(in) looking out over a desert from a rocky peak as the sun is falling in the distance and the land is covered by the dark of night, the hero(in) lit against the sky by the lint of their lance.

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Thank you very much, it's always nice hearing about the stories and ideas that my work can help inspire. Having something like this would be really fun in Elder Scrolls 6...maybe one day with a custom mod heh

That's awesome, working on developing a novel too early to get an artist but something like this piece would be cool. How it seems a little subtle and not quite in your face almost like you wanna get closer, or run very far away.

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Hot fucking damn that's lit af.
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Thusbis an amazing piece, I love the lance as it reminds me of a game called Dark Souls
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Thanks! Dark Souls has awesome designwork, honored to be mentioned alongside it hehe
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Wow I love how eerie it is :heart:
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Love the lighting and the subtle painting, well done!
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Thank you very much ^_^
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Amazing work! Love 
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A strange power and defiance emanate from this lone figure, perched atop this rock. I love the misty effects.

However, the three towers were troubling until I understood they are in the background. It was not obvious in the first place. I was telling myself : what are these stange dark stripes ?
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Thanks ^_^ It was something that I threw together in literally the last couple minutes and then thought that, eh, whatever lol, I'll keep them in, even if they're a bit odd.
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