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Mutagen Gas (30min. spitpaint)



He's a bit of a figurative and literal mess. I wanted to do something where we'd see the after effects of having some figure or creature having been basically living in the gas, like pushing things a bit further to the point where the physical properties of the flesh and structure would be very distorted. Originally the figure was hunched over on the ground but then I thought it would be interesting to see what happy accident would pop up if I duplicated the form but flipped it and set it to darken, and distorted the shape and overlaying layer a bit so that there were hints at symmetry but not entirely so.

I wanted to have this more sickly feel to the area, so full of the gas that you couldn't really make out any setting or background, that the total existence of this being was now within this gaseous environment that had changed it so much. The areas near its shoulder, head, and lower legs have an unnatural brightness to them, alluding to the caustic nature of it. Basically made a bunch of messy cloud-shapes and set it to overlay, then duplicating that and painting into that so as to create a higher punch on the tone as well as intensify the color saturation a little more. Fun times
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