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Biomech Engineer (30min. spitpaint)



This is my 2nd run on this theme, the first I scrapped because it was basically just me warming up after several days of doing absolutely no art at all; this felt a lot better overall, more of what I was trying to get down on the canvas.

To be honest I wasn't fully sure how I wanted to go about this, I did know I wanted some kind of heavy robotics playing on top of a bioorganic body of some kind, at least a torso as in this case. Colors came about kind of spontaneously, I basically did big fills and gradients on an overlay layer then duplicated that layer and inverted it, playing around with this method a few more times. I often will 'get there' in some random, haphazard fashion, it's not the most efficient but I guess Threw on an overlay layer of a full color fill and dropped the opacity a bit, just to unify the colors a little more.

Process video: Full 30min., no audio, but from start to finish:…
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It kind of reminds me old SNES games I used to play. Or the RPG maker stuff people used in their games. Live-A-Live enemies kind of if you've ever seen one.