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From Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book", Bagheera stalks his prey, shedding shadows through the ochre forest.  I'll be upfront and say that drawing animals is a weakness of mine (specifically horses, that's a big one haha) but I had this idea of him stalking about and bits/flecks of shadows begin to shed off of his body as he makes his way about.
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Really awsome!!!....... But more like Corrupted Bagheera.....
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Yeah I can see that hehe
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Glad you enjoyed him ^_^
All of the love ^^
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Haha thank you ^_^
Thank you for giving me something so enjoyable to... Enjoy ^^
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Oooo, Now that is an amazing looking feline in the shadows. A stalker with eyes that glow of fire.
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Thank you very much :)
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Now that would be my ride. That's amazing. Creepy, but I imagine big and great for riding. 
Imagine how intimidating that would be to others :D
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It'd be fun, leaving wispy trails of shadows as you storm off to battle :)  You come to a halt and the shadows start to engulf you and the beast and the only thing that can be seen are the glowing fiery eyes haha
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Absolutely! And it can cover your own men. With proper training they could become accustomed to the beast's trail, maybe create tactics, and it can be used in battle as a defensive measure or used for an offensive attack. 
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Yeah there's a myriad of fun potential uses for this hehe :D
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