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Hi all,
Yes I still function! While my recovery has been slow and is still not 100% complete, am back working on comics and various secret projects. If everything goes well I will be at Docking Bay 93 on the 6th of May for Free Comic Book Day from 12pm to 3pm, granted this is all dependent on how well I'm feeling that day.
*edit* I mean May 7th, oops
I will be at the 2014 Bellingham Comicon this Saturday (October 18th) at table 29. Come by and say hi if you can.
Hi all, just a quick update. Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday (May 3rd) and like last year I will be hanging out at Docking Bay 93 in Mount Vernon, I’ll be doing free sketches for kids 12 and under and I will be bringing a little bit of the Kat-Nap merch like button bits packs and a few copies of Random Cat-egory #1 and maybe some prints as well. I well be there from at least 1pm to 5pm. So come on out Saturday May 3rd for Free Comic Book Day and if you can’t make it up to Docking Bay you can check here for comic shops in your area taking part in Free Comic Book Day.