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M. Molli
Operating System: Windows 7 x64
Personal Quote: Don't speak unless you can improve the silence
Windows 7

01 change the background to improve appearance and usability
That really is down to personal taste.

02 disable User Acount Control to improve usability
Start ► enter uac ► select Change User Account Control settings ► pull down lever ► ok
Please note that while the lever is put down to the bottom, installing gadgets for the desktop won't work.

03 disable Page File to improve longevity of SSDs
Start ► enter systempropertiesadvanced ► in the fieldset Performance click on Settings ► click on the Advanced Tab and celect change ► uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives ► select your drive ►select No paging file & click on Set ► ok

04 disable Hibernation to free up disk space
a) Start ► cmd ► enter powercfg -h off
b) Start ► regedit ► HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Power ► change HiberFileSizePercent and HibernateEnabled value data to 0

05 disable System Restore
Start ► enter systempropertiesadvanced ► change to tab System Protection ► select the partition that you want to disable system restore on and click on Configure ► select the option Turn off system protection & click on Apply

06 turn off Search Indexing to stop extensive disk access
a) Start ► enter services ► look for windows search & double click ► select disabled ► ok
b) Start ► Computer ► right click the drive ► select properties ► untick Allow files on this drive to have content indexed ► ok

07 turn off Remote Differential Compression (RDC) to improve speed of data transfer
Start ► enter turn windows features on or off & select ► uncheck Remote Differential Compression ► ok

08 configure & hide the Recycle Bin (I would not recommend to do this)
a) right click recycle bin ► properties ► tick Do not move files ... ► ok
b) right click desktop ► personalize ► change desktop icons ► untick recycle bin ► ok

09 disable Disk Defragmentation not neccessary for SSD
Start ► services ► Disk Defragmentation ► disable

10 disable Superfetch to improve longevity of SSD
Start ► services ► Superfetch ► diasable

11 change Border Padding to improve appearance
right click desktop ► Personalize ► Windows Color ►Advanced Appearance Settings ► select Border Padding from drop down ► change default size 4 to anything lower

12 prevent Intel ProSet Monitoring Service

13 turn off Automatic Update

14 disable Aero Snap
Start ► Control panel ► Ease of Access center ► Make the mouse easier to use ►
tick "Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen" ► ok

15 turn off Windows Event Log to improve longevity of SSD
Start ► regedit ► right click Windows Eventlog and select Properties ► under "Startup type" select Disabled

16 shut down quicker to improve usability
Start ► regedit ► go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control ► double click: WaitToKillServiceTimeout ► change: Value data from the default of 12000 (12 seconds) to 2000 (2 seconds) ► ok

17 speed up Taskbar thumbnail preview to improve usability
Start ► regedit ► go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse ► locate MouseHoverTime in right pan and modify from default 400 to 0

18 change taskbar thumb nail size & switch off Menu Delay
download: Winows 7 Taskbar thumbnail customizer

19 switch off Tracking Cookies (IE) to improve security
Windows Explorer 8 ► Tools ► Internet Options ► Privacy ► Advanced ► tick: Override automatic cookie handling ► under: Third-party Cookies select: block ► ok & ok

20 enable S.M.A.R.T.
Start ► gpedit.msc ► in the left pane of the editor navigate to: Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Troubleshooting And Diagnostics\Disk Diagnostic ► right-click and select "Edit" on "Disk Diagnostic: Configure execution level" ► choose Enable and select OK

21 check if AHCI is enabled to improve transfer speed

22 check if TRIM is enabled
Start ► cmd ► run as admin ► type: fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify ► enter
DisableDeleteNotify = 1 ► Windows TRIM commands are disabled
DisableDeleteNotify = 0 ► Windows TRIM commands are enabled

To enable TRIM ► fsutil behavior set disabledeletenotify 0
To disable TRIM ► fsutil behavior set disabledeletenotify 1

23 disable File Access Timestamps to improve longevity of SSD
Start ► cmd with admin rights = elevated command prompt ► Enter fsutil behavior set disablelastaccess 1 ► Restart your PC

File access timestamps are now disabled and will no longer be logged.
enable File Access Timestamps ► fsutil behaviour set disablelastaccess 0 ► reboot

24 disable GUI Boot to speed up boot time
Press Windows-key & R ► type: msconfig ► boot tab ► Check the No GUI Boot box ► Check the Make all boot settings permanent box ► click yes on the pop up window ► restart

25 change Boot Timeout to speed up boot time
Start ► cmd (as admin) ► Enter bcdedit /timeout 0 ► reboot

26 use Startup Folder to improve usability
create a short cut of the exe file ► Start ► all programs ► Startup ► right click and select open ► place shortcut into folder

27 set Power Options to improve usability

28 install a Theme to improve appearance

29 update drivers

20 block an application from accessing the internet


31 customize start menu to improve usability
right click on the Start sign ► select Properties ► Start Menu tab ► click on Customize ► find Downloads ► select Display as menu ► and untick open submenu when I pause on them

32 setup WMP x64 / Foobar2000 is a nice alternative mp3 Player

33 change WMP background to improve appearance

33 change standard icons to improve appearance and usability

34 change / disable Windows system sounds to improve usability
Start ► type sound ► change to Sounds tab ► select sound scheme from the drop down menu ► select associated sound from Program events ► select Sounds from drop down menu ► test

If you like to modify a system sound ► paste the sound file in wav format into c:\\windows\media

35 change Windows Explorer standard folder
right click Windows Explorer ► properties ► change Target to: %windr%\explorer.exe /n, /e, D: \documents

D = drive letter
documents = folder

36 calibrate Text and Color
clear Type = Start ► type cttune
color calibration = Start ► type dccw

37 use PSR = problem steps recorder
Start ► type psr and select
you can now click on record for each step being captured as screen shots. You'll then be able to save the recording as MHTML document, which can be read by the internet explorer only. This file can be used by a support professional or someone else helping you with a computer problem.

38 Make Windows 7 log on automatically
Start ► netplwiz ► uncheck the box "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer" ► ok ► you'll see a username and password box ok if no password has been setup yet or enter the required info
39 Change your Computer name
Start ► type: sysdm.cpl ► right click and select: open with control panel ► select "Change" under  the Computer Name tab ► type in a new Computer Name ► ok & restart

40  how to hide a drive (System Reserved) using Group Policy Editor  (I would not recommend to do this)
Start ► gpedit.msc ► find and open: User Configuration > Administrative Templates> Windows Components > WindowsExplorer ► double click: Hide these specified drives in My Computer ► choose: Enabled ► pick the option you want ► ok

41 Switch off HTTP referrer in FireFox (to avoid sending data to other websites)
Open FireFox ► type in the address bar: about:config ► ok ► type in search bar: network.http.send  

► to avoid sending data to HTTPS websites, right click: network.http.sendSecureXSiteReferrer and select toggle
► to avoid sending data completely, double click: network.http.sendRefererHeader and change value from 2 to 0

42 If you have drop outs on wireless devices connected via Bluetooth
Start ► type: services ► (make sure Bluetooth Support Service has started and is set to automatic) ► double click on Bluetooth Support Service ►click the Log On tab ► select: Local System Account ► check he box: allow service to interact with desktop ► ok

Start ► type: device manager ► double click the Bluetooth device ► Power Management tab ► untick: Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power ► ok

With USB dongles it seems you don't get a power management tab in the bluetooth radio. Instead look in your device manager for "Universal serial bus controllers", open it up and find "USB root hub" (there may be more than one). In properties for the root hub there IS a Power Management tab. Don't let the computer turn it off.


44 compact databases in FireFox
Some Web browsers (notably Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) use databases to store bookmarks, history, and other data. When you remove information from these databases, they may still take up room with fragmented space. If you select Compact Database, CCleaner will defragment and trim unused space from these databases.
CCleaner ► Cleaner section ►  Applications tab ► FireFox / Mozilla section ► tick Compact Databases

Check if Firefox is compacting places.sqlite
Go to: about:config ► search for: storage.vacuum.last.places.sqlite ► it should have a numeric value which represents the last date / time that the integrated vacuum took place ► the numeric value is a Unix timestamp to find the readable date and time, copy the value into the Unix Timestamp box of the Online Conversion site here and press Submit ► if the date is less than a month ago, you know Firefox is vacuuming the places.sqlite database successfully on a monthly basis no further compacting is required for that particular database.

Firefox uses many other databases and they are equally at risk of fragmentation and excessive size.
It could therefore still be helpful to use an external tool like SpeedyFox or CCleaner to compact all Firefox databases at the same time.

45 ...


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Oi, I'm really sorry for the late response. Thanks for the nice little thanks of yours. I put your visual style to my favourites because I love the clean and neat design. Currently I'm using "Clearscreen, CLS Sharp" from ~K-Johnson for quite a while now. That's remarkable because I usually get tried of most designs quick, not this time. Frin what I have seen, your visual style would be at least as good. If I feel like trying something new, I will install yours.
I have a question regarding the scroll bar pls. You know the bright grey little block which you can click and hold while dragging it up or downwards. In "Clearscreen CLS Sharp" it doesn't stand up from its background much, so it's impossible sometimes, to figure out where it's exactly located, if you know what I mean. Can you tell how this is made in "Leaf", colorwise?

Thanks very much!
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I don't really understand your question... did you try my Leaf theme? cause if you do, you might answer your question.
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