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Thank you!
I also wanted to say thank you for 2K followers here!
Its been a very long time coming here (almost 10 years) to hit that milestone, and I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting me, and for supporting my art.
I work as hard as I can to make art that you can enjoy!
Thank you guys. <3
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Hybrid on Island Five
Now here we go with the next chapter.


Hybrid on Island

To Fun

Carla was able to get ahold of the friend who wanted to talk. There was also another at the other end of the line. “Yes, Mira,” the vixen said. “Good, I’m glad Melanie made it… Hm? Twala wants to talk? Okay then.”

That person was a bat who worked as a DJ for the club found here. Despite the second female’s wild personality, there was still something that allowed her and the vixen to bond. “Carla!” came the reply of Twala. “Finally you called us back! Are you okay?” The incident must have been told to some of the others.

“Yes I am, it was…” Carla trailed off but then decided to be blunt. “Terrible, but thanks to this guy named Nicholas I was spared the worst.”

“Oh?” the bat said. “I think I ran into one of his friends who talked about one who saved you at the beach front.” Twala went on to describe him and Carla told the second female it was the same fosky. “I’m so glad. “So where are you? I’m surprised you didn’t come over to our room after it happened.”

“Believe it or not… Nicholas offered his room up to me. He said I could stay the night to feel safer, incase Logan broke out a second time so… after the experience I couldn’t say no.”

“You slept with him?!” The bat sounded astonished as Carla’s cheeks went red and turned her head to check on Nicholas, hoping the fosky wouldn’t overhear the private conversation. The long-haired male was attending to the breakfast dishes and the vixen breathed easy.

“No of course not!” Carla interjected, lowering her voice. “He offered his bedroom to me and he slept on the couch.”

“Oh… I guess it’s not the same then.”

“No… it’s not!”

“I’m just teasing you Carla,” Twala replied. “I heard he got you some days off from research. Think he likes you?”

“I… I don’t know,” the vixen said, turning her head to make sure he wasn’t eavesdropping. “I think he’s just being nice.”

“Oh? So you don’t mind if I ask him out on a date?”

“What?!” Carla’s temper went up. Normally she wasn’t an angry person but that made her blood boil. “I didn’t say that!”

“Whoa, calm down Carla, jealous?” The bat on the other end of the line laughed and the vixen didn’t find it funny. Out of her friends, Twala was the most teasing. “So what are you going to do? You two going to hang out?”

“I don’t know,” the first female replied. As much as the vixen wanted to jump at the chance to spend time with the long-haired male, she didn’t know his intentions. “I haven’t thought that far ahead. I have no idea what his plans are. I mean I have some days off from research but still…”

“What?! You’re going to walk away at a free opportunity to spend time with the hero that saved you?! Jeez, maybe I should take up the opportunity you’re throwing away!”

“Again, I didn’t that!”

“And again Carla, I’m just teasing. I would say to relax, but then again you have your reasons.”

“You think so?”

“Look Carla.” The vixen could see it in her mind. She could see Twala leaning over the table for a serious female talk. “If he went to the liberty of offering you his residence, getting you some days off, and essential freeing up your schedule, and all that then perhaps he likes you. Who knows, maybe he’ll ask you to spend the day together.”

“I don’t know…” Carla said, uncertain; more so than her friend. It was putting doubt in her mind.

“Did he make you breakfast?”

“Yeah and oh my god it was amazing. Why do you ask?”

“He likes you,” the bat concluded.

“Why do you say that?”

“Carla males don’t do shit when it comes to domestic work like that. The only two reasons they do is to butter you up or impress you.”

“Well I mean I did just go through a traumatic experience. Maybe he’s doing it to be nice?”

“And go so far as to making breakfast and letting you sleep in? Yeah right.”

“I think it’s believable,” Carla said.

“Believe what you want to believe, but I’ve got to go. I’ve got to start figuring out what to play at the club. We’ll want to hear all the details! Have a good day!”

“You to.” The two females hung up and the vixen let out a breath she didn’t realize she had been holding. She returned to where Nicholas was and saw he was finished with the dishes.

“Everything alright?” he asked seeing her enter.

“Yeah my friends just wanted to make sure I was okay.”

“That’s good. So what are you going to do today Carla?”

“I’m not sure… I haven’t really thought that far ahead,” the female replied. She was preparing herself mentally that this might be the last time she saw Nicholas.

“Well I did come with my friends to have fun on the island. Apparently they’ve all have found someone else to join us and they all said yes.” He was saying this with a smile and then paused. Carla got some hope as she wondered if the male was explaining his plans to her or inviting her.

“That sounds fun.”

“Would you like to join us? You’ve been here before and could show us around. Plus I’ll be the only guy there without someone who I invited. I think you’ll have a great time with the ladies who are coming to. You don’t have to if you want to and I understand.”

“No, I’d love to,” Carla replied with a smile and slight blush. “If… it’s not too much trouble…”

“Not at all,” Nicholas said. “Well, let me grab a few things and then we’ll meet up with them.” The vixen just smiled wider, happy where this was going.


And so we end this year with this but the story will continue next year.

For more info on Carla and game:…



Nicholas and Malika Nine
And now it's Christmas time and to show how beaitufl she can be.


Strength and Beauty


There was a feeling of Christmas now in the city. Despite being in the desert with no snow, the decorations and lights added a festive look. And at the palace, the decorations were also being set up. “How’s this?” Lucas asked Nicholas while the younger sibling was hanging up some glass orbs to one of the walls at different spots to get an idea of how they would look.

“Could be a little higher,” the older sibling replied. Lucas managed to get it.

“That was the last one,” he said, dusting off his paws.

“Yeah, we’d better let our folks know,” Nicholas commented.

The two brothers went to the dining hall and it looked spectacular. Morgan was helping her family with the huge tree that dominated the entire room. It was decorated with everything possible. Malika was in the corner setting up a wreath. The Anubian Jackal and fosky didn’t think helping the family this month meant this which suited them just fine. At least it kept them apart. The rulers Ajihad and Natasha were overseeing the decorating. “Your majesty, we’ve finished with our end,” Nicholas told the male ruler.

“Well done,” the lupine replied. “You’ve really done a good job working as has Malika.”

“Well, we did promise to help,” the long-haired male said.

Just then Morgan and Malika came over and the Anubian Jackal sent the fosky a quick glare before turning to the rulers. “We’ve finished up here,” she said to them.

“Excellent!” Natasha said. “Well done all of you!”

“So what now?” the long-haired male asked.

“Well there is the fact that we need food,” Ajihad began.

“Ugh, don’t tell…” Nicholas grumbled. “You want me and Malika to get it… right?”

“That’s right.”

Malika opened her mouth but then closed it with a snap after one look from Natasha. “If I may, I could go with them,” Morgan said. “I need to get some stuff myself.”

“And count me in,” Lucas commented. “I need to get some things to.”

“And with two more, we can get the food faster,” Nicholas finished.

“Very well,” the male ruler said.

The group of four were soon in a vehicle that had room for the males to sit by themselves and the females as well. “Why does he keep doing that?!” Malika growled. “Ajihad knows I hate Nicholas!”

“Can’t you lay off him even during this time?” the coyote asked. The Anubian Jackal shook her head. “Well cheer up! My family and I will be spending the time at the palace. Rachel will to.” That did make the other female better and knew the little one would make this time more fun. The group were successful with the food and had it back. Those that worked in the kitchen were very pleased and determined to make this meal one of the best of the year when it came to lunch and dinner.

The days flew by quickly as it got closer to the day of. Nicholas and Malika did have to go out again together by themselves. They grumbled and groaned, but managed to get the job finished. But then at last it was the day and night before Christmas. The Anubian Jackal, like Morgan, had a special outfit ready for this. It was the coyote’s idea and the first female wasn’t sure about this but went along with it after seeing the one Rachel had. The gifts were ready as well and everyone went to bed at a reasonable time. The little coyote was the first up and woke her parents up as well as all children at that age did. Her parents had no trouble containing her excitement before the rest of those in the palace slowly woke up. After having something small so they could last until lunch, they all made their way into the large parlor room that was richly decorated. All the presents were under the tree for everyone.

Nicholas was one of the first to come in after Rachel, Morgan, and their family had come in. “Well I thought I was going to be in first,” the male fosky stated. “Looks like Rachel over there’s rises early than me.” The long-haired male noticed Morgan’s outfit and how it fit perfectly on her body, showing it off a bit. Rachel’s was more for a little female and a cute one at that. He on the other hand was wearing a few bands and another necklace in Christmas colors on top of his normal clothes. Just then the rest came in and Malika was leading them. The Anubian Jackal’s outfit also was the revealing kind like Morgan but only a little. Nicholas saw this and did a double take at it as he was zapped again like the time at Halloween.

“Wait… that’s Malika?” the long haired male wondered in his head. Nicholas then realized what he had been thinking and mentally smacked himself. “What the hell is wrong with me?!”

“Sit next to me!” Rachel said to the Anubian Jackal. Nicholas noticed the way she smiled and felt his heart lurch seeing her soft side like this. It made her seem so beautiful. Thankfully for him, the rulers came in then and he could distract himself with the gifts. Even with this, his thoughts would go back to Malika and his eyes on occasion. It left Nicholas confused. If he hated the Anubian Jackal, then why was this happening? She in the meantime was laughing and having a good time to the point she didn’t even notice him looking at her. Malika did get a nice hairbrush from Morgan that the first female loved and would use it for many years. It was a wonderful day. But Nicholas was left confused by these new thoughts about her and wondered if they would continue. But with this the year was over and the next would come.


I look forward to more chapters.



Nicholas x Miura: New Armor
This is just to show the new armor she gets in my fanfiction. I love the design in the game, but it's very complicated. Also what you see here is how I will have my armor from now on. 


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