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Fresh and new !
Some of you might have been wondering what was I up to this past month. Did I have plans ? Or did I simply vanished from the creation scene ?
The answer is on Twitter !
We've been sharing and working a lot (and still are !) together with my bada best friend :iconcaldealahetiss:.
And now we're happy to share with you our pokemon comic project !
So far we mostly have concepts and doodles of the characters to share with you, but that's important to introduce characters first, right ? ;)
Even if 12 pages were written and sketched already.

We're also going to submit doodles and pages on FA and DA :
But priority will be given to Twitter.
See you there to share the pokemon love ! <3
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Announcement *Important*
Due to the notes I got from my friends lately, I would like to make an announcement on something. I'm being impersonated by the same guy who harassed me a while ago on multiple sites. To be fair, I've never seen anyone who is so obsessed in impersonating me before .-.
About how I know they're the same person, it's quite simple actually.
1. They always mentioned themselves being a music producer intentionally or unintentionally.
2. They always said they have interacted with me before.
3. They all have the same attitute and often perform the same actions (harassing other people, stealing other people's works, claiming them as their own, and insulting the original creators and people for telling them to take down the stolen works)
4. All of them appeared out of nowhere chronologically which is too coincident.
To make it clear on who's the real me and who's the fake me, here are all my accounts with the name "PKM-150":
- Deviantart: (Obviously)
- Smackjee
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New Beginnings Pic 12
In this pic I have to comfort Kylie as she's a little nervous to go into the Pokemon Tower. This has caught her off guard as usually she's the one who has to make a move. 

As seen in the chapter here:…
Nicholas x Meika: Car and Anger
I wanted to do this chapter to introduce another character, try a new expression for my Meika, outfit for her, and to get to the last parts of my house. I think it came out great. 


Racing World

Car and Track

The next day Tamira got up much earlier than the first time which was more around when she usually got up for her early morning run. The group were close now to being use to the new time zone. However, for her and the rest of Tag’s group, they were going to meet another person. They were all gathered again in the living room when the ringing of the doorbell was heard to meet this individual. “There he is,” Nicholas said and went to go answer the door. He returned with a male Doberman who was in his 30s and had yellow eyes. Hit outfit consisted of dark clothes and even had a bandana around his head. “Everyone, I’d like you to meet John, my mechanic,” the husky said.

Everyone shook his paw. “Nice to meet all you,” he replied, being very friendly. “I’m here today to help Nicholas fix up his ride so she’s ready to go when the season opens up.”

“I may be smart, but there’s things about cars I don’t have the time to learn about. That’s where this guy comes in handy. So I’ll take him downstairs to the garage where your cars are to check up on mine. But he wants to see yours if that’s alright.”

The others agreed and so they all went down there. “Very nice,” John said. He asked a couple of questions to each person and they were amazed that he could guess quite a bit about each one by having a look.

“Well, colored me impress,” Miles commented with a smile on his beak. “Where did you learn so much?”

“Thanks to me and my brother’s love of cars when he was eight and I was ten,” the new canine explained. “He wanted to open up a car customization shop in town and wanted me to join him. I wanted something else and when I met Nicholas when he first started, I knew I could help him out.”

“He really has been a big help,” the husky said. “I wouldn’t trust anyone else to help me fix my car. But I got to give his brother Danny credit to. He was one of those that helped me get my car to where it was today. When I first started it had a different name and look.”

“And now, it’s time to get to work on yours,” the Doberman finished.  The two went to a door in here that they opened and went inside.

“Well, let’s leave them,” Miles said to the others. The group left as there wasn’t much else to do.

Nicholas reemerged soon and said John was now busy getting to work on his racer. The husky did show the group photos of the shop mentioned and said that one of the places he would take them was there as he felt it would be important. This was a day where another workout happened as well. John did join them for lunch, saying things were going well but would need several more days after this of hard work to fix his car up. And so that amount of time passed with the last one with John showing up early to finish before Mia, Cody, Jessica, and Kira came over. “Is this where we finally get to see your car?” Meika asked Nicholas. This time she was wearing a t-shirt with longer shorts than last time that went to her knees but in her favorite colors.

“Oh yeah,” he replied with a grin. “And let me say I’ve been wanting to show all of you her along with the two other areas of my house you haven’t seen yet.”

Soon Mia, Cody, Kira, and Jessica had arrived. The two chameleons began to talk with each other after she said hi to the others while the otters fist bumped Nicholas. “It’s great to be back here,” the panda said after smiling and waving to Sonny who blushed. “I saw John’s car is here. He’s here to fix your racer up?”

“Yeah, and he should be just about finished,” Nicholas answered. “Why don’t you guys go on ahead to there? I’ll be right back.”

The four friends of his did so and everyone was gathered and saw John emerge from the area they had seen him walk to. “Well she’s ready to go,” the Doberman stated. “Despite the scraps and how banged up she was, I managed to get her back in full working order.”

“And it’s time to show you guys her,” Nicholas said, emerging in here. Everyone saw that he had changed. He was caring a green colored helmet with black stripes that allowed his ears to pop out. It protected his head while leaving the face exposed. Black fingerless gloves were on his paws. His riding jacket matched the helmet with the stripes being on the arms with two each. It was opened to reveal the main upper suit was a darker shade of green than the jacket. The pants were black. He went over to a button on the wall by the door. “Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Lighting Blizzard!”

He hit it and from the doors and sleek looking race car rolled out thanks to a system. “Whoa….” Tag stated. The top was open like Meika’s car. The front bumper came up like some kind of arrow. The color was green with black stripes shaped like lightning bolts on the sides. Nicholas went over and hit the button on his glasses, changing them to shades and put on his helmet before leaning against the car.

“What you think?” he asked.

“That looks fast!” Meika said, smiling at the husky.

“She is. She’s not just that, but tough as well. The materials are meant to be light yet strong. And to finish it off, there’s drag resistant material sprayed onto the body. Her turning and acceleration are some of the best. But like I said, the Lighting Blizzard wasn’t originally like this or had the name. That only came during my first professional racing season after learning, loosing, and winning during my school career.”

“My brother and I along with some others really helped to make her shine on the track,” John added. “Jessica here to.”

“It wasn’t much,” she commented.

“And now it’s time to show you guys the next part,” Nicholas said. “Time to hit the track and test her out.”

“What track?” Sonny asked.

Nicholas hit another button on the wall where he had pressed the first one. The door at the end of the place opened up. The husky got in his racing car. “Follow me outside,” he said and drove the Lighting Blizzard slowly out.

The others followed and went through the open door from the basement space and saw there was a ramp that led up. They walked up it and emerged out in a space behind the house surrounding by walls. And to their surprise there was a small racing track. A simple loop and big enough for testing out the cars. “No way; this is awesome!” Meika exclaimed.

“Glad you think so!” said Nicholas who was just ahead of them. “I had this built so I could practice and get use to my car when the racing season wasn’t happening. Now let’s see how she handles.”

He drove the Lighting Blizzard out to the track on a path to where a starting line had been marked. The husky revered up the engine and the group heard the car roar to life. Then the guy gunned it and the Lighting Blizzard launched forward like a bullet. “Amazing…” Sonny whispered. John was smiling as he was watching to.

“Look at Nicholas go!” Meika exclaimed with her tail swishing with excitement.

They saw him make the turns at great speeds. The husky had a big grin on his face. The rush of the race, the feeling and thrill it brought, the wind blowing against his face and fur; it was a thing that he loved. Nicholas went around the track a number of times before pulling the Lightning Blizzard in. The guy got out and took his helmet off. “Great job out there!” the vixen said to him and she clapped a little while he put on a bow.

“How she handle?” John asked the husky.

“Like a dream,” Nicholas replied and they fist bumped. “You did a great job as always.”

“For any race, I consider it to be high stakes. And we can’t afford to lose due to poor car performance. The other racers is another story and the track to. But it never should be due to the vehicle you drive. I’m satisfied you are pleased.”

“Well I think we should get her back inside. As for you guys if you want to try out the track with your cars just ask,” the husky told Tag’s group. “There’s just a couple rules. Only two at a time at the most. And second no car powers. The reason for that is Cody over there tried his and almost destroyed the area.”

Everyone laughed and he rubbed the back of his head with a sheepish grin. “Yeah, I had no idea…” he said.

“I didn’t either,” Nicholas told him with a grin. “Let’s just be thankful nobody got hurt.”

“It was a scary thing for me to watch,” Kira commented and hugged her boyfriend.

Nicholas quickly had his car back in and the door to the track closed. “It’s nice you built that with your house,” Tamira said to him after he parked the Lighting Blizzard in her spot. “I can see the advantages of having it.”

“You’re right it does help,” he agreed. “But now I want to show you the last room here that helps to.”

He led everybody to the room with the huge glass window and led the way inside and turned on the lights. Tag’s group saw there were a couple of computers in here, some motor and robotic parts, and some assembly tables. There was even some kind of engine in the center of the room on wheels that looked sturdy and sleek looking. “What is this?” Meelo asked.

“This is thanks to Jessica,” Nicholas explained. “This is where we design new programs and engines for all the cars for me and my friends.” He went to the computers and turned them on along with the monitors.

“This is neat,” Meelo said.

The husky moved the mouse for one and brought up a design for an engine. Jessica joined him. “How this works is my other friends and I discuss things like how can we improve our car’s speed, acceleration, engine, power, anything that can help us win,” she said. John was here to, leaning against one of the walls and listening. “The design you see here was one I helped make for Mia. Her old one was great, but this is much better.”

“And I really could tell a difference,” the panda commented. “I mean the skill is one thing but I began to get in better places thanks to this new engine.”

“And not just the engines, but the powers our cars have,” Nicholas commented. “My first one was… decent at best. But thanks to Jessica and some others, it’s really become something I can be proud of.”

“Hmmm… you think maybe I can look at some of this?” Meelo asked Jessica. “It might help us with the upcoming races.”

“We can talk first before I say yes or no,” she said with a smile to him. “After all we may be friends off the track but on there, it’s a different story.

“Still, all of this is really is something,” Miles said.

“Well then, what can you tell me about that engine?” the male chameleon then asked, looking at it.

“That’s a little something me and Jessica have been working on,” Nicholas explained. “It’s not even a prototype engine as it’s not even ready for testing. We’re not even sure if it’ll go anywhere.”

“Does it even turn on?”

“I wouldn’t touch it if I were you. There’s a button there that will turn it on and that thing will roll back and forth. It’s very hard to catch.”

“If you say so.”

“Well, I need to get something to eat, who’s with me?” John asked after the computers were turned off.

Everyone began to file out with Kira going ahead. But Cody and Mia sent winks to each other. “Hey Tag,” the male otter said to him.

“Yeah?” the tiger asked.

“Wanna help me and Mia prank Nicholas?”

“Well I love to prank people, but I’m not sure if I should with my host.”

“Well we’ll take the heat,” she said. “And it’s payback for what he did to us which we’ll explain later. The button for the engine is easy to hit and find. Just a little push is all it takes and it’s got a light green circle around it. Nicholas told us this before.”

“You don’t have to,” the male otter commented. “But don’t you want to see how it works?”

They could see Tag’s curiosity getting the better of him. He went forward, acting like this was a bomb. Meika and Nicholas were just about to head out of the room when the husky turned his head and saw what Tag was about to do. “TAG, DON’T-!” Too late, the tiger hit the button and the thing came to life, whizzing around the room back and forth and almost knocking the tiger back on its wheels.

“SHIT!” Nicholas shouted and Meika saw this and was shocked. So was Tag while Cody and Mia got out of the way. His helmet that the husky was carrying dropped to the floor.

“It really did turn on!” Tag stated, hitting a wall. “Mia and Cody-“

“JUST GO!” Nicholas yelled. “I’LL TAKE CARE OF THIS!”

The other four left the room in a hurry. Meika was surprised at the husky’s reaction. They all made it up to the living room. “Surprising,” Tag said, catching his breath.

“But worth it,” Cody replied. He and Mia burst out laughing and the tiger actually joined in.

“Did you see his face?!” the panda asked between her laughter.

“What was that about?” Meika asked, frowning.

“Well payback for when he pranked me and Cody with fake loto tickets.”

“He gave us these tickets that were fake by the fact you could win no matter what,” the otter explained. “I was so caught up I didn’t realize. Then me and Mia realized what was going on.”

“He was basically full of shit that day,” she said. “Man, that felt good.”

“It didn’t seem necessary to that today,” the vixen commented with the same frown.

Just then Nicholas came in with a crash of the door. Everyone turned to see him with his fur ruffled up and his glasses a bit askew. His face was livid with anger. Meika was shocked as she hadn’t expected him to get mad at all since so far it had seem he never got angry or was capable of showing that emotion. “THAT WASN’T FUNNY CODY AND MIA!” he shouted at them, pointing his right finger at them since his left arm now carried his helmet. “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU TELL TAG TO DO?!”

Meika’s paws went up to her mouth, almost covering that part as her eyes went wide with shock as she hadn’t expected Nicholas to get this angry to curse like that. Plus he was really scary right now. “We didn’t tell him anything,” the otter replied calmly while getting an evil grin like the panda. “We only suggested to him that the button would turn it on. We had no idea he would push it…”


“So how long did it go for?” Mia asked eagerly.

“IT WENT BACK AND FORTH TEN TIMES BEFORE I COULD CATCH IT AND TURN IT OFF!” Tag, Cody, and the panda all roared with laughter again.


“It was a joke, a harmless prank!” Cody insisted.

“Just some fun!” Mia added.


“Tell us what?” went a voice. Everyone looked to see the said Doberman and chameleon standing there with the others.

“Tell us what?” she asked. Nicholas hesitated. Meika could tell despite how angry he was, he had no intention of saying what.

“Nothing… just some problems with that engine… Cody and Mia… but I’ve said what I needed to…”

“Well if you’re done yelling like that, get some food,” Miles grumbled.

The other three left the living room to leave the husky and vixen alone. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“It’s fine, I’m going upstairs to change,” he replied simply and did so. Meika was worried but seeing him come downstairs and eat showed Nicholas had cooled down somewhat, leaving her relieved.

It was then decided after eating that John would head back to his home. The others wanted to stay awhile. During the workout Mia and Nicholas sparred and it was amazing to watch them. So much so that Sonny and Tag pulled her aside to talk to her. “You know…” the male bear began. “Seeing that I was wondering… if maybe you could teach me some things. You know, just in case I get into a fight…”

“I’m with him since Nicholas might hurt me,” Tag added. Plus there was Tamira. After seeing her fight, the tiger was a little scared of her and didn’t want to be defenseless just in case if they ever fought.

“Sure, I can help you two,” she agreed. “And you can practice on each other when I’m not around. But don’t slack off, okay?” The two promised and she began with them. The others noticed.

“What’s up with those two?” Meika asked.

“Who knows?” Nicholas replied. “Maybe I motivated them after seeing me.” The rest of the week and the next then passed. By this point, everyone in Tag’s group was used to living in Nicholas’s house. They even got to practice on his track while Tag and Sonny learned some moves for fighting from Mia who came over every day. Jessica joined her coming over as well to talk with Meelo. But now Nicholas knew the time had come to start showing Meika and the others around his home city. This was going to be even more fun.


Next month there won't be any story but character sheets with info on them and the cars. This will include my mechanic as well and once those are finished, the story will continue.

Nicholas x Meika: Pool Time
Gotta have her in a bikini. I love how my Meika came out all cute and sexy.


Racing World

Pool Fun

Nicholas was the first one out. His swimsuit was green and wasn’t wearing anything else. The guy had tested the pool water yesterday to make sure the chemicals that went in it were the right balance so the male knew the body of water was ready to go. The chairs, tables, and grill were also ready. The food and drinks were prepared to go as well; even the stuff the friends of the husky had brought were inside the fridge as well. The canine started by opening the grill and setting the charcoal in. Nicholas was about to light it when Daniel came out as well. “Need any help partner?” the stallion asked.

“Nah, I’ve got it, thanks man,” the first male replied. “If I do need a break you can take over.”

“Then I came out here for nuthin’. Rachel’s still getting ready and said I could help yea.”

“Well you can get chairs for you and her if you want. You’re out here first so you’ve got first dibs.” The second male nodded and took his towel with him and pulled two up for him and his girl while the husky lit the charcoal on fire. These were infused with lighter fluid already.

Rachel came out next and joined her guy, looking great in her bikini. “You want anything to drink?” Nicholas then asked them. “I need to get the cooler out for that.” The horses nodded and the guy was back out with the drinks really quickly. He even went in to grab the things like lemonade and iced tea from the fridge.

Now the only thing the three could do was wait for the others. They wouldn’t get into the pool until everyone was here. But the next to come out was Meika, looking beautiful and sexy in her magenta colored bikini. Her neck ware was off. The husky turned to greet her and both saw how the other looked. He saw how she was and blushed hard. She on the other hand really saw his muscled chest and abs, blushing like him. But this time the vixen was first to recover. “And do you have something to say to little old me?” she asked Nicholas with amusement.

“Only if you’ve got to say something to me,” he shot back with a grin. Meika walked up to the grill.

“Well now I can see how you grill and if it’s any good like the food you make in the kitchen.”

“I think you’ll love it,” Nicholas said kindly and they both smiled at the other. Rachel and Daniel smirked at the other as they could see something more going on between the husky and vixen.

The four began to talk and it was here that Meika learned that Rachel and Daniel had been dating for about two years now. These two even had a ranch to the west of Aispir City. Nicholas had been out there a few times already and was even planning for one of the activities for Tag’s group was to head out there for an afternoon and evening. Meika also learned that Rachel and Daniel were originally from a place out west. The two horses had been on rival racing teams; ones with not the best relationships. Originally Rachel and Daniel had been ordered to take the other out anyway possible. But when the two finally met they ended up being smitten. From there, the two horses ended up working together, trying to make it work. But then one day when the two began to set their plan in motion, the other racers from their teams found out, trying to eliminate them. Rachel and Daniel’s true friends along with them escaped from two hired assassins; twins who always caught their prey. But not the horses. The leaders of their old racing teams lost their lives in the struggles and the assassins vanished. The old racing teams broke up as a result.

“Wow,” Meika said when this was finished. “A crazy story. But the love part is sooo sweet!”

“It is,” Rachel agreed and grabbed her boyfriend’s hand looking at him with love like he was with her. The two then went on to explain they left their old home and came here when Nicholas had been professionally racing for a year. The three had formed a bond and thanks to the horses leaving their old lives behind had been able to build a new one together with that ranch they had.

Just then Sonny came out. “Hey, I can smell the charcoal!” he said. “My kind of smell!” His swim trunks were yellow.

“Have a seat Sonny,” Nicholas offered, pulling a chair up and the bear sat down. Just then Mia came out in a red and black bikini. Sonny’s eyes seemed to pop out of his head when he saw the panda and he blushed due to how gorgeous she was in his eyes.

“What are you staring at?” she asked him with amusement, her eyes narrowing with playfulness. Meika saw her friend’s reactions and giggled softly. The panda took a seat next to Sonny who blushed harder.

“So then, I’ve heard about Rachel and Daniel’s story,” the vixen then said. “What about you Mia? How’d you and Nicholas meet?”

“Oh that, I’ll tell you,” she replied. This panda also wasn’t originally from Aispir City. She had grown up in a place far east. Unlike Sonny, Mia had only one older sibling and smaller family. But they, her mother, and father were very close. The panda grew up learning to fight as many from the east learned. It was Mia who Sonny and Meika learned was the sparring partner Nicholas had mentioned about. But she began to race and from there news of her skill reached Mr. Mane’s ear. She arrived the first season Nicholas raced in professionally and a friendly rival was struck. They exchanged fists and learned some things in return.

“It’s great to be back here,” the panda finished.

Just then Tag and Miles arrived. “I’m ready for the water!” the tiger stated.

“I probably won’t get in,” the owl said. “Just get my feet wet at most.”

Tamira arrived next and she was wearing a one piece that had a hole to expose the belly button and some of the stomach. The strings were thinner than a normal one piece. So while still athletic it was still sexy. Tag’s eyes also popped out and blushed but he didn’t dare to say anything to the pantheress just yet. “Wanna join and tell stories?” Meika asked her eagerly.

Before Tamira could answer, Meelo and Jessica came out. Both chameleons were wearing what looked like wet suits. “I’m ready,” she said to him and he nodded.

“I see you’ve got a suit similar to her,” Nicholas said to the male as the two reptiles took a seat and something to drink like Tamira.

“You don’t seem surprise by this,” he said.

“I’ve seen her swim before so I know what it is,” the husky replied. He turned to the others. “It’s because as they’re cold bloodied, they can go in water but need a way to regulate their temperature more. That suit Jessica has is designed by her to help her with that. So I’m guessing it’s the same for Meelo.”

“I should give you a prize,” the said guy said. Now it was Rachel’s turn to talk. She explained that from a young age she had been a genius with mechanics and electronics. And as Jessica got older, her skills with them increased. She met Nicholas and the other new racers to Tag’s group except for Rachel and Daniel when he first started racing professionally. The horses would with the others when they met the husky. Unlike Meelo, Jessica was more social and helped them out and that formed their friendship. Even if sometimes she used words they couldn’t understand.

“I’m sure we’ll have time to talk,” Jessica then said to Meelo.

“I look forward to it,” he replied.

Finally at last Cody, Kira, Florence, and Mr. Jones arrived. The swans were the next to talk. They were friendly rivals from a different team than Nicholas’s. However off the track, the three were good friends and like everyone but the horses, they had met the husky during his first professional season. She was a high end, well known model who had turned to racing to add excitement to her life, even if she had seen it all with her longtime boyfriend. As for Cody and Kira, they came from the south where it was tropical and beaches with waves. That’s why he talked like he did. She and him had known each other a long time before hooking up. She acted as support to him for races, but not as the mechanic. Like with Mia, Mr. Mane heard about his skills and invited them to race during Nicholas’s first professional season. Like the others, the three hit it off.

By the time everyone was finished talking who weren’t in Tag’s group, the coals were ready. “I’m going to get the food,” Nicholas said. “Anyone who wants to help can.”

“I guess I can,” Meika said and got up to follow him.

“You don’t have to,” he told her.

“But I want to,” the vixen replied sweetly with a smile to match. They got what was needed from the fridge and cabinets and brought it out. There was meat, chips, fruit, and even some other things like sushi with wasabi. Tamira smiled a little as those two things were her favorite to eat as it was for Mia when see it laid out.

“I can’t wait for this,” Sonny said, rubbing his stomach as he saw the first things placed on the grill. During this, more talking happened. During it Meika who was standing up casted a glance towards Sonny trying to talk with Mia and giggled as she thought it was so cute to see him get flustered like this. Nicholas glanced her way while he sat down and blushed somewhat to see her amazing backside and ass.

The food was soon ready and people got what they wanted. Miles did get his feet wet while eating. The new people learned about Tag’s group, or at least what they could as a couple like the tiger couldn’t really get into stuff about his father Riq just yet. For Tamira, she kept her past to herself but had no problem sharing stuff about racing in general. The group however didn’t mention anything from last season about trying to take King down or about the black box. Then the desert came out and Meika was delighted that there was Raspberry Tart and Jelly Ice cream, her favorite snack. “Ooooh I’m so happy!” she exclaimed, jumping up and clapping her paws.

“I got it cause I knew you like it,” Nicholas told her.

“You got it just for me? That’s sooo sweet!” He blushed as the vixen was so adorable right now saying that.

After eating, Nicholas and her helped clear away the dishes and leftover food. The vixen found she liked spending time with the husky already but couldn’t explain why. He did with her as well but wasn’t certain about the reason to. Then at last when the food was digested it was time to swim. “CANNON BALL!” Sonny shouted and went in with that first. He came up only to be met by Mia coming in after him from the diving board. Everyone else quickly went in but Miles who stayed back. How some did it by diving in from the side which could be done since the walls of the pool were straight and not slopped. It was a wonderful time and it was close to five when it was time for Nicholas’s racing friends to go. But Mia, Jessica, Cody, and Kira decided to come over again a few days later. For the panda it was to see if the husky was still good with fighting. But she did smile at Sonny when saying that like she had another reason which made him blush again. Jessica wanted to talk some more with Meelo. The otters wanted to because it would be more fun. Everyone was fine with this. And when it was over, Nicholas knew the time for Tag’s group to be shown around his city would happen after that.


Just one more to go for this month.

Nicholas x Meika: The Friends
I love how my Meika came out. She's so adorable and cute right now. Even though in the show the characters wear the same outfits, for this story it'd be boring and I want to see her in different things. 


Racing World

Friends and Rivals

The next day came in and everyone was waiting for the others who were coming over for the pool party. Tag’s group and Nicholas were in the living room and while they asked questions about these newcomers, the husky didn’t really answer them. “You’ll find out about them soon,” he said.

Meika was sitting next to him and looking cute in shorts that weren’t shorty shorts, but were above the knees and a magenta colored tank top. Nicholas had longer shorts and a t-shirt. Then the sound of the doorbell came. “Is that them?” Miles asked.

“Yeah, I’ll go get it,” the canine replied and got up. The group heard the door open and happy voices one who was Nicholas’s, but others that were a mix of males and females. Nicholas then came back to the living.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he said. “May I present some of the other racers who will helping me with you and who you’ll race against this season.” The husky stepped to the side and they came in. The first to walk in was a male river otter with blue eyes and light brown fur. He was holding paws with a female river otter who’s fur was darker, and a little shorter than him, and her eyes were almost purple in color. Next was a mare with light tan color and white in the middle. She had green eyes, a mane that was blonde in color and she was holding hands with a tall stallion. He had more of a black mane, a mixture of white, dark brown, and black coat, and had amber colored eyes. Coming in behind them was a female chameleon, the same height as Meelo, with dark green scales and black markings on her body. Her eye color was a different shade of green. Next came in a female panda with purple eyes and was actually thin. There were black markings around her eyes and the middle was white. The final two to come in were swans. One was a male with white feathers, the other who was female had black colored feathers. His beak was light orange, hers was a darker orange. They two were holding wings.

“Everyone meet Meika, Tamira, Meelo, Tag, his mechanic Miles, and Sonny,” Nicholas told the new ones here. “They are the ones Mr. Mane is having me host.”

The group stood up so proper introductions could be made. It was the female chameleon who spoke first, more directly to Meelo. “I’m Jessica,” she said. “And I have to say, it’s an honor to meet you Meelo. I’ve studied a lot of your work and I’m a big fan.”

He let out his usual small chuckle and they shook hands. “Well, I assume Nicholas she’s the one who told you about me,” the male chameleon said while she shook hands with the others.

“Oh yeah,” the husky replied. “She’s the smartest in our group when it comes to machines and computers. Jessica’s helped us out a lot with analyzing other racers and improving our cars. I think you two having a lot in common and should have no problem getting along.”

The otters stepped up next. “What up dudes?” the male asked, giving a hangs loose sign with his free paw. “Name’s Cody, and this is my girlfriend Kira.”

She smiled. “It’s nice to be back with Nicholas after spending some time south of here,” the female stated. They shook paws with everyone.

“And it certainly is great to have you back,” the husky said. “You’re always welcome here.”

The horses were up next. “Howdy y’all,” the mare went with a southern accent. “I’m Rachel.”

“And I’m Daniel,” the stallion commented, also with the same accent as her. “Hope ye folks are loving it here.”

“We are, thanks,” Tag said and everyone shook.

Then were the swans. Unlike the others, they clothes hinted at fashion. “It’s good to meet you,” the female said. “I am Florence, model and racer.”

“And I am Mr. Jones,” the male stated. “I work as her manger and also am her boyfriend.”

After everyone shook with them, there was just the panda. “I’m Mia,” she said. “I see I’ve got quiet the nice looking rivals. But we can be friends when not racing.” Sonny really got a look at her and he actually blushed. To him, this panda was quiet beautiful.

She shook with everyone else before turning to look at him. “So you’re Sonny,” Mia said with a smile. “I saw when you one that one race by a half mile. It was quiet the move.”

“Uh, thanks,” he replied and they shook paws.

“Is that all of them?” Meika asked Nicholas with her paws over the other and looking at him with a smile.  

“Well there are a few more, but they couldn’t make it,” he replied. “They were too busy but you’ll meet them soon before the racing season starts.” The canine then clapped his paws together to gather everyone’s attention. “Now that we’re all here, shall we get this started?”

“I’m ready!” Mia stated with a smile.

“We’ve brought some things to,” Daniel told Nicholas.

“Let’s bring them in then,” the husky said. Everyone began to move, some to help, and the others to change into swimsuits. This was going to be fun.


You'll find out a lot more about these new characters later.




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