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Commissions reminder :)
Hello! Don't remember commissions are open ;)


15$Additional character +100%Extra details (complex haircut etc.) + ~3-5$

25$Additional character +100%Extra details (armour, wings, second had etc.) + ~5+10$

40$Additional character +100%Extra details (armour, wings, third leg etc.) + ~5-10$​
Complex art

60$+Additional character +70%Buildings, chars extra details + ~5-10$Plain color
Comission - Warrior by Aryvejd
:iconaryvejd:Aryvejd 1 0
Poputepipikku SheZow by Sterben-Zurc Poputepipikku SheZow :iconsterben-zurc:Sterben-Zurc 20 5 Reithan by KarolyneRocha Reithan :iconkarolynerocha:KarolyneRocha 12 3 Pop Team Epic - Pipimi by calponpon Pop Team Epic - Pipimi :iconcalponpon:calponpon 362 5 Popuko by Jazzyponies Popuko :iconjazzyponies:Jazzyponies 63 2 Baron Humbert von Gikkingen by andaerz Baron Humbert von Gikkingen :iconandaerz:andaerz 443 46 Commission - Climence Emberfall by BoscoloAndrea Commission - Climence Emberfall :iconboscoloandrea:BoscoloAndrea 25 1
Lightning Dragons wish CH1
I remembered something my advisor, let alone my best friend, had told me before I left. “You are here to help the princess regain the throne, don’t go meddling into other affairs.” Yes, that was just it, wasn’t it? I sighed as I ran my fingers through my hair, my right hand on my side as I looked out into the forest. How exactly had my journey begun here? Simple really - my blood called for it. As it stood to reason, the four dragons were not the only ones with the blood of their ancestors in their veins. Other countries had many legends, advertising the gods that had created them. King Hiryuu was not the only dragon god to have granted the life of a human. However, that was a legend best saved for another day, wasn’t it?
I was so close I could taste it, to the princess that is. With our sources, word travelled fast. While the Kouka kingdom may not have known it, I knew a lot about what had happened to Yona. The majority of it at least. As I walked down a
:iconwater4blood:water4blood 7 0
sketch by RochaSketch sketch :iconrochasketch:RochaSketch 9 2 Moonlit Brew by KarolyneRocha Moonlit Brew :iconkarolynerocha:KarolyneRocha 26 7 Cadet Tracer by ibenz009 Cadet Tracer :iconibenz009:ibenz009 527 27 Freeza Elite by KarolyneRocha Freeza Elite :iconkarolynerocha:KarolyneRocha 12 3
Commission Information
Update: 5/24/16: Long commissions (anything over 5-6,000 words) CLOSED. Anything under that is tentatively open and subject to the whims of my daytime schedule. Please note me if you'd like to know when I'm open again!
Hi all,
Welcome to my commissions journal. I decided to revamp and update my policies after several months of unemployment and needing to make an income. If you're interested in receiving a commission from me, please read on!
New commissioners:
For those of you who haven't worked with me before, please read the below carefully. If you have any questions, my dA note inbox is always open and I'm online at least once a day unless I've made a journal update stating otherwise. If you've never commissioned a writer before, don't be shy; we're not that different from commissioned artists but for the fact that our chosen medium is different. "But why commission a writer? I can write things myself," you might be thinking. Well, I feel each person/writer can bring a
:iconbloodrose83:bloodrose83 3 2
COMMISSION:HASHI by zipskyblue COMMISSION:HASHI :iconzipskyblue:zipskyblue 58 14 Anthro Cover Commission by Cipple Anthro Cover Commission :iconcipple:Cipple 10 2 Copper by KarolyneRocha Copper :iconkarolynerocha:KarolyneRocha 8 5
My favorite pieces of work from other talented artists around this site! My tastes can be kind of odd at times. :D

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Welcome to my humble gallery where I post stuff in sometimes!



That convention lasted 4 days but I was only able to attend the last 2. I had a swell time there. It's the 2nd closest convention in my area that I know of. It was definitely a mood lifter. It was great to see fandom artists and more at the event. Mainly, I went to see Valsalia in person but inside the dealer's den, I saw a pleasant surprise: Dave Hopkins who made the Jack and Cliff series. It was totally unexpected, I had to strike up a conversation with the guy. For those who don't know, Jack is an older publication that is one of the most NSFW things I've ever seen on the internet. Let's leave it at that. He's been on break for while but plans on resuming his story which will end in a few years. I bought a sketch from him that I will post later and he gave me a copy of his most recent printed work which are stories from his patreon. That said, I didn't buy much in the much as I'd want to. I did kinda gush to him that sometime in the future in my bucket list, I'd possibly like to do a crossover story with him like what DC and Image comics did ala Spawn/Batman. You know, our "heroes" fighting one another at first and then working together. Instead of shutting me down right there, he seemed pretty chill about the idea which was cool. Not that it was going to happen anytime soon.

After that run-in, I attended Val's panel about transformation in fiction. The room was oddly packed and I got a good seat. The panel went on as one would expect. It was a simple overview about TF in stories and how people enjoy it, in general. That's fine and dandy but for an aficionado such as myself, it was really just affirming what I already know from the numbers of tales I've read about it. Still, it was amazing how many folks showed up there. Later on, I hung out with him for a bit and his art posse, chatting with him as he worked on the next pages of his comic. My take away was that he's pretty knowledgeable & not a jerk. He really puts a lot of thought into Out of Placers than one'd first thought and that made me go 'Wow' (if it wasn't noticeable from his lore pages before). He's got a nice circle of friends who all got special yinglet drawing [pocket]books even! *redacted*

Honorable mentions go to Gideon, Max Blackrabbit and other artists that I saw there. Seeing people in person is much different than reading or interacting with them over the internet. I totally got my time and money's worth going there. I will comment that a bunch of panels there felt a bit loose since some folks cussed even when it's not an Adult only panel. I'll see if I can attend 1 or 2 more this year. It's kind of a bummer I wasn't able to secure a Dealer or Art table this year but there's always next time. I did try my best to promote my webcomic on-foot though...well, as good as my level of outgoing-ness allowed me to. Can't get too comfy, there's still events coming up for me next week! 



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United States
Creator/writer of the Crossing-Over furry webcomic! Has another dA artist do the actual art; we're a great tag team!


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