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Not too big news but I got a Twitch channel so I can stream video games for those who want to watch. There's also a chance to do non-gaming streams someday too.

My first stream will be Persona 5 this Saturday 28th approx GMT/UTC 6:00PM for a few hours. Hopefully it will turn out without any bugs. These aren't going to happen very regularly since I'm just getting my feet wet. Probably will go with a post by post basis for scheduling. Thank you.
I watched Batman Ninja blu-ray on my PS3. It was pretty good, once you get past the camp which I totally expected. Jap script & voice actors, the optimal experience. It's also nice to dust off my console and getting it upgraded. Almost 10 years later and it's still going strong. The games I want to play on it will have to wait though since free time is less than before.

While a new artist is getting settled in to the current comic chapter, a delay might be coming up this weekend if not the next one. We'll do our best to make the transition as smooth as possible.
If anyone's interested, there will be prizes. The link's here. It's an easy read. There's not really an occasion behind this, I just thought this would be a cool thing to do and no downsides to anyone assuming 3 people or more participate. Now, I don't have to say this but no cheating or backhanded tactics please. This is for the fans and fun.

Edit: The contest ended yesterday. No entrants. A bit odd, but better luck next time everybody!
Hmm, it seems I've underestimated the amount of prep I needed. Prep means preparation. I operate with it because I can't otherwise. Things were different when there was only 1 thing to prep for, the next chapter and that's it. Now, on top of that, I've got a couple of side stories, print editions, local events, delays and personal matters. Artists can real time work on pages and commissions but my chicken scratch is just directional and isn't fit for viewing without getting proofread and done by another set of hands. In short, that means there won't be as much of a work buffer I'd like as soon as the next webcomic chapter commences. The effect of those delays still lingers much to my chagrin. I'm letting myself stress out over "catching up" even though I should pass over that lap to save energy. Well, at least I might have found someone to squeeze a bit of my "Ayumi" concept onto a comic. I'll be excited to share whenever a strip or something materializes. Also, CO: The Sustenance Festa has it's foundation down. A more substantial outline is now feasible and actual could even start being written right on schedule. Gotta give myself credit where it's due as a treat.

The sooner those prints can get out the door, the better it'll be for my dieting health.

A special treat for the upcoming sales weekend of the Thanksgiving break: 30% OFF the digital editions of both CO: Forty Year Feud and CO: Shade Ops (the sequel) from Black Friday (11/23) all the way to Cyber Monday! (11/26) Unfortunately, the physical edition will not be getting discounts due to the site being moved to its parent company [Amazon]. This change might affect the physical release of the sequel since it's all handled under the same umbrella now but we'll be working to get that pushed out ASAP for those who want something they can hold and see. Time will tell. By the way, the digital version of the sequel should be updated from its bumpy First Edition by the time of the sale which is what the print version will use.

ETA on comic Chapter 7's completion is still in time for New Years unless something comes up. Ugh, so ready to hop on Ch 8 already lol. Phew, time for a nap.
That convention lasted 4 days but I was only able to attend the last 2. I had a swell time there. It's the 2nd closest convention in my area that I know of. It was definitely a mood lifter. It was great to see fandom artists and more at the event. Mainly, I went to see Valsalia in person but inside the dealer's den, I saw a pleasant surprise: Dave Hopkins who made the Jack and Cliff series. It was totally unexpected, I had to strike up a conversation with the guy. For those who don't know, Jack is an older publication that is one of the most NSFW things I've ever seen on the internet. Let's leave it at that. He's been on break for while but plans on resuming his story which will end in a few years. I bought a sketch from him that I will post later and he gave me a copy of his most recent printed work which are stories from his patreon. That said, I didn't buy much in the much as I'd want to. I did kinda gush to him that sometime in the future in my bucket list, I'd possibly like to do a crossover story with him like what DC and Image comics did ala Spawn/Batman. You know, our "heroes" fighting one another at first and then working together. Instead of shutting me down right there, he seemed pretty chill about the idea which was cool. Not that it was going to happen anytime soon.

After that run-in, I attended Val's panel about transformation in fiction. The room was oddly packed and I got a good seat. The panel went on as one would expect. It was a simple overview about TF in stories and how people enjoy it, in general. That's fine and dandy but for an aficionado such as myself, it was really just affirming what I already know from the numbers of tales I've read about it. Still, it was amazing how many folks showed up there. Later on, I hung out with him for a bit and his art posse, chatting with him as he worked on the next pages of his comic. My take away was that he's pretty knowledgeable & not a jerk. He really puts a lot of thought into Out of Placers than one'd first thought and that made me go 'Wow' (if it wasn't noticeable from his lore pages before). He's got a nice circle of friends who all got special yinglet drawing [pocket]books even! *redacted*

Honorable mentions go to Gideon, Max Blackrabbit and other artists that I saw there. Seeing people in person is much different than reading or interacting with them over the internet. I totally got my time and money's worth going there. I will comment that a bunch of panels there felt a bit loose since some folks cussed even when it's not an Adult only panel. I'll see if I can attend 1 or 2 more this year. It's kind of a bummer I wasn't able to secure a Dealer or Art table this year but there's always next time. I did try my best to promote my webcomic on-foot though...well, as good as my level of outgoing-ness allowed me to. Can't get too comfy, there's still events coming up for me next week! 

I'll be attending Furry Fiesta next month on the weekend as a regular person but I'll keep promoting my story there because why not? If you're there, maybe we could chat. I'll probably stick a 'comic writer' sign on myself to make me easy to spot in a crowd. Blurb is below.


Lately, I took some time to visit the local bookstores that had my book in their shelves. Unfortunately, some of them closed or had to shrink down. Most of them are still there thank goodness. It got me thinking though, big store chains aren't too eager to stock self-published works like my book, I was only able to put my story on Barnes and Noble's website, so I have to rely on mom and pop places which takes more effort to be seen. That's fair enough. It's pretty cool that they're generally supportive since they know being a DIY publisher isn't easy. Anyway, the concern in my mind is that there are many of these small businesses around the country and there's no way I could walk up to each one of them to ask them to stock my stuff. It's logistics. If only there was a way to multiply and teleport myself to every store that would be willing to stock my book(s)...

Ofc, magic doesn't exist so the closest solution to that would be to do what Dreamkeepers did with their Dealer System: get others to help sell your stuff. I took part of this and it helped fill up my table during conventions last year. It's a win-win situation. Their merchandise gets to reach different places, I get more onlookers with the increased variety and both parties get more sales. Indies helping each other out, y'know. Hence, I will start doing discounts on bulk book purchases. Different amounts bought mean an appropriate discount is given. Of course, these deals would have to be requested in advance via email.

Dave's also mentioned what he calls the #ComicShopList. It's another way to get one's comics or books on-call to a specific shop, in case someone is interested in one of the titles listed on it. Given its format, this works best as a catalogue with other indie publications a.k.a. a group effort. Unless folks browsing don't mind walking at a single sheet of paper sitting in the counter. I'd have tried this if I were part of a comics group but- *slap* well, I suppose I could try that out... Really, this is good when you know folks who have published stuff so that everyone helps each other out. Webcomic collectives don't always have printed stories available and I can be shy around groups so I doubt I'll be able to find a posse to do this with unlike the other stars in this community.

I don't mean to single out the creator of Dreamkeepers in this journal but he seems to be the main guy who's trying to do something new with the Western indie creator market that I know of. Also, his work (whether he likes it or not) falls under the furry genre which makes it more helpful for me to study given my own series. Eastern indie creators have a different way of breaking it in. Eastern furry fans (for now) are different from Western furry fans. I firmly believe there's a way to make original content shine so creators don't have to keep falling back on the standard which is fan art and OC commissions.

If you guys have something to add to the topic, I'd be happy to read you thoughts.

I hope you all are having good holidays and fun. Just dropping by to say that Chapter 1 for both Crossing-Over light novels (Forty Year Feud & Shade Ops) are going to be free on Dec. 31st in e-book/Kindle format. If you're interested in my webcomic's side stories, you are welcome to check them out! Save the date. You don't wanna miss 'em!

CO: Forty Year Feud

CO: Shade Ops

The 2nd light novel is almost done. The physical version of that is slated for production this upcoming year. Delays are just speedbumps; quality is more important imo. I may or may not get a new artist to handle the art for that one...don't want to wear our primary artist too thin y'know. Anyways, enjoy and have a Happy New Year!

My 2018 resolution? More conventions for starters.

Edit: Bumping my Patreon too. Supporters at a certain level are able to download light novel e-book chapters that I put out btw. Consider donating to our cause please. Thank you.
I had a swell time at Alamo City Furry Invasion. It was a bit small for a first time convention. All things considered, it went better than expected. At first, I was supposed to be assigned to a table further from the center but given my timing I snagged a good spot with traffic and a wall socket. I'm used to half-table setups to save costs; my new merch helped fill up more of the surface. There's plenty of room that I could still fill lol. So many cool shirts there, I found myself complimenting a lot of folk's tees. Fursuits were there too, nice to see some various species other than canines and foxes. Telephone was there, they're popular or something. It was on Saturday and Sunday. I had to leave earlier on Sunday for the drive back. Bought some non-anthro shirts as souvenirs and a print of one of the con pics. I wasn't keen on getting much else there *cough*.

As for book sales, I can't complain. Amazing artists were there though not all of them were tabling ofc. Writers too. Some familiar faces as well from the convention circuit. High fives and positive energy reminded me that this endeavor was about promoting the webcomic. It's quite inspiring. Now I really want to plan for the other cons out of state in the future. If only travel (and money) wasn't an issue!

My haul might be too small to post, we'll see. There was a riverwalk around so I had lots of walking that day...made me miss that charity poker tournament that I wanted in on. Oh well... This weekend also marks the start of Chapter 6 weekly updates on the comic site while Chapter 7 will start this upcoming weekend on our Patreon. I think this will be my last con for 2017 though initially I set a goal for 5 events. Here's to better times ahead for us all. Thankies.
Time for a late night journal.

Preparations for the October Furry Invasion convention are ahead of schedule. I've expanded my table merchandise a bit so now, I'll have a variety of stuff to offer! Of course, they're all webcomic-related. Duh. All that's left is to wait for them to come in and updating a list. There may be time to do a fun side feature to add to my table as well. Maybe.

I'm aware my story progress has been a bit slow lately but it's still being worked on. More help on deck would be nice to have. I also like to polish things as I can so that the final draft will be decent; it certainly will be when it comes out on print next year.

My artist will be taking next month off. They'll try to finish what they can before then. There's a few pages left for this chapter. We still finished the chapter faster than the one before. It's not too bad for me since it will give me some time to work on the novella sequel, hopefully getting far with that during the September. This is an FYI in advance.

The plush concept is still just a concept. I won't bring it up anymore until good strides are made on it. I think it will turn out great and it will be cool to have a 3D doll of the main character to hold for all y'all.

My day job's been kinda tough on me lately. I've been getting 'those' thoughts again..
The results are in:  Poll 1 Results by co-comic

This next and last poll will run for the next 10 days (Ends on the 22th):

Est. Project Length: >1 Year
In other news, I'll be attending Delta-H Con this weekend. Another local anime convention. Will be sharing a table with a fellow local content creator which is nifty and a bit cheaper. If you're in town, gimmie a chat or hangout a bit! I always enjoy meeting cool folks at these events. At some point, I'd like to hit furry conventions in other states but with the costs and time...gotta hold off on that for now.

The next comic page will be delayed this weekend thanks to said event as usual. I must comment that WOAH! It's not even November yet & we've kept updates well compared to previous years since opening our Patreon. If this pace keeps up, the current chapter will be done on October. It's all thanks to my amazing team and hardcore fans. Who knows? Perhaps Chapter 7 could begin posting before the next year rolls around!   

With the webcomic trailer finished, it's time to start another side project. This will probably take a length of time to complete since it's going to be comic-related merchandise. It's going to rely on fan responses so please participate. The poll link is right below:

The poll will close sometime on the 12th of this month (7/12/17) so don't miss the deadline. After we count the votes and make a choice, a second poll will be made to pick the details & it will be up for another ten days. I'll update this journal as appropriate with the new poll as well. (I never used strawpoll before so I hope it doesn't bug out)

Right now, we're gonna decide which character of my comic is going to get their own figurine or plush of themselves. Amber is the older sister and Cliff is the younger brother. If you read my comic, they're the main characters. Later on, we're going to decide which clothes the winner will wear after this preliminary voting round. For now, let me explain the straightforward choices. We pick between plush or figurine.

Plush is a doll/stuffed toy. Fluffy and squishy. More economical and casual.

Figurine is like a statue/action figure. Hard and collectible. More exquisite, more pricey.

We're aiming for a modest size scale. I'm really into getting something physical for my story aside from the books and prints we've currently got. It will be awesome. Of course, comments/suggestions/concerns are free to be discussed in this journal. This is an open discussion after all. :)
After months of prep, it's finally here. Now I have something to show peeps in events/shows.

"Uematsu" did the animation while Comic Indie, a local group I'm with, did the sounds + effects. Here's his Pixiv:… Since he's Japanese, this is anime which is pretty cool to think about.

Of course, there's also the light novel trailer [I shared that here before] and the animation by itself but this vid's the one I want to feature to you guys. Enjoy! Like printing my first book, this was quite an enlightening experience!
2 out 5 conventions tabled this year. I may be able to meet my goal after all. I think I'll pass on Alamo City in a couple of weeks. My job might not like me taking too many breaks too soon and weekend gigs are exhausting. Plus, there's also my showings to think about. One of the things I learned there: I'll need to broaden merchandise variety. For me, this takes time so I'll not rush it. My next special fun project shall be ready for unveiling in around a month.Got some cool swag as well. 
One of my goals is to attend more conventions this year. I should make it to these local ones:

AggieCon (Done), Delta H Con, World Fantasy Con, maybe even Alamo City Comic Con.

*Update* ComicPalooza this weekend. (5/12 thru 14) I'll be going with a friend, the same one. If you're there and see me, we can chat.


The moment is here!

Feel free to contribute and share. I'll also be attending a few more conventions this year. I am so ready to spread the good news. :D
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Hello all, here's some news. As you know, we're currently in our usual post-chapter break. I would like to take a moment to reminisce 2016. The biggest change is switching to a new artist after having XxFenrierxX for the majority of the webcomic's run. It was a bumpy transitory period but now me and our new team member KarolyneRocha have gotten a good rhythm going. Here's to a brighter future for Crossing-Over. Clap

I attended my local annual, big comic convention for the first time as a 'co'-vender instead of a volunteer or attendee. It wasn't my first rodeo which helped but still, it felt like a big step up from when I first had tables. That was quite fun and with the new local group I've joined, more events may be possible too in 2017. It will be more work too but honestly, fun work hardly feels like work. Well, most of the time. =P (Razz) Adding onto that, the physical version of my comic's novelette side story, Crossing-Over: Forty Year Feud, was released on May after the actual story being completed at the start of the year. It was quite the experience reaching that far but that feeling of having something holdable in your hands is just amazing. Of course, I shared it with some local bookstores and comic shops as well. It's sort of hard to find mom and pop bookstores nowadays...Plus, I got it on Barnes & Noble's online too. La la la la  

The webcomic will resume later this month if not early next month. It's probably going to go at the same speed as we've been doing. Let's break it down, I roughly keep chapters to the standard length of 25-ish pages give or take. I update about once a week unless something occurs to the team to delay it. Popular manga updates one chapter a week! No colors but that's still blazing fast. Western comics obviously are quick too. So yeah, webcomics are generally slower.

A sequel to the Forty Year Feud is in the works and will be put on Amazon Kindle like its predecessor. I hope to finish that this year as my New Year's resolution. I think I will call it Shade Ops, hope you'll enjoy it if you liked the first story. B-) (Cool) I find it useful that I could further worldbuild my universe through novel form since certain elements may and will appear on the main comic at some point. I find making a sequel is a bit trickier because there's consistency to track, etc. but I'm confident that it will go well.

By the way, as of the next chapter of the CO webcomic (6 onward), we will be utilizing Patreon. I do believe it's time. Crossing-Over has been online for 5 years, 6 if counting the old site before the reboot. This is not meant to keep content away, but to give fans an opportunity to support us by making a commitment. There is also good growth potential: i.e. I could commission the new artist to remake the old pages to update their look if the funds were raised. For those who have been following CO since the beginning, this is how you can give back. It makes sense since the first five chapters make up Volume 1. More details will come after preparations are through. Right now, this is just a heads up. Don't be shy as to tell us what you would like featured in this upcoming system; Feedback is highly appreciated. =D (Big Grin) 

I should mention the VN project. "Camp Pawsum" It's on-hold for now. It taught me that game-making of any kind is a big project and kind of difficult to take on when one already has a webcomic and book to work on unless you've got nothing but free time which I lack such luxury. Like other creative endeavors, it was a great learning experience. There's strength in numbers. With life coming in, I might not start another secret project like I wanted to so soon lol. Who knows? Perhaps one day I could pick it back up if the stars align juuust right. Haha.

That's all for now. I usually don't type this much but this is a special occasion. Thanks everyone who reads Crossing-Over, y'all are great!
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It's here: Camp Pawsum

We're looking for some feedback and comments to get this ready for pitching as a project to be funded. Please let us know what you think. :) A lot of things in there are placeholders and the final product will look much more refined; I hope y'all like it! It's a Summer Camp quest for a gf! Furry T-rated stuff.
My novelette's First Edition is going to be changed into a Revised Edition which includes extra spelling and grammar checks. The main difference between the two will be the cover finish changed to glossy for that extra shine factor. For you collectors, this is the last week or two to order the 1st Edition before they roll out for the newer version of this story. The initial print run still has a few copies leftover though I'm not sure how long those things will stay available.

Things are happening the end of this month so I want to take care of a few things on my checklist. The current webcomic chapter is all planned out so now I can start on the next one. Priorities, priorities.

While it's a bit rough around the edges, my secret side/other project is almost ready. I shall share it eventually soon, but I think that it really should've been finished back at Summer. If it kicks off, I'll be happy to see it through but I wouldn't make a fuss over it if it's not meant to be.

Also noticed Halloween's coming up, it felt just like yesterday oddly...

Fun fact: I'm ISTJ, which is like 10% or less of people! (Well, when I last took the test a few years back.)
I'm changing my laptop AKA work computer. I've got quite an amount of files, apps and things to move over so I'll post when it's done. Linux, while a fun challenge, was pointless for my use since as a creative, I can't work on my comic or projects without proprietary software like Photoshop.

I almost don't wanna let go of my trusty Mac but the time has come.